Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Should Explain.

My computer is on the verge of death unless he gets this life-saving procedure done by two surgeons named Dad and Brother. In the meantime, I can't post on my iPad (lame) and I never think about it at work! Also....the iPad is just so easy for internet access that we haven't even opened our poor computer all summer long! No wonder he's almost dead. Lack of love and nurturing. Anyway, that is why I haven't kept you up to date on all our fun summer adventures.

So let me sum up, minus pictures (sorry!)
1. Seven Peaks!!! I am SO glad we got a Pass of All Passes. On sale...totally worth the $20.
2. Hailey is walking...FINALLY!
3. Hailey is a jabbering-jabber-er.
4. Hot. Hot hot hot. Bought a fan. Still hot.
5. Hailey is walking...FINALLY!
6. Lazy. House bum. I seriously do nothing. I've been wasting my summer!
7. Flight to Logan!
8. Still working on Instrument Rating...
9. Fun trip to Nampa, ID.
10. Hailey is walking...FINALLY!

Haha so that's mostly the gist of our summer so far. I've also been reading a bit and crocheting a lot. I also still work and teach piano. I read in a book that "Good times make for poor stories" so I guess that's us in a nutshell. Good times, folks! :)