Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Recap: Hailey's Hospitalization

{DISCLAIMER: There may be photos or descriptions that are a bit graphic, so if you are squeamish, you might want to just skip over this post! This is also a very long post :)}

If you couldn't figure out in my last post's pictures, Hailey was not feeling well. She was trying her best to have fun, but you could just tell she was miserable. All she wanted to do was sleep on the couch. She had a fever off and on, and she wouldn't eat anything. Here is her story of what happened.

We decided to potty train Hailey near the beginning of June. I knew she was ready, so I just put panties on her one day and we never looked back since. Very shortly after we put new panties on her, though, I started noticing some pimply bumps on her bottom. I didn't think much about them because I had seen bumps like those on her bottom before and they went away just fine.

On Monday, June 9, Hailey's babysitter mentioned to me that Hailey was not acting her normal self. She seemed to get upset over the tiniest things and was crying a lot. On Tuesday, she wouldn't leave the couch and had a bit of a fever. Liz also mentioned that Hailey was not acting herself. On Wednesday, I opted to stay home with her and take her to the doctor's. But that morning, her fever was gone and she seemed to have more energy. Maybe she was OK and maybe I didn't need to take her to the doctor after all.

So that day, we decided to go swimming. Hailey had a fun time, but when we got her into her carseat, she was just crying and crying in pain. I started to think that maybe her bum was bothering her more than we thought. That night, Hailey was standing on one of the kitchen chairs. She took a step and lost her balance, making her fall off and bump the other chair. She was hysterical with pain and started asking to go to the bathroom. I thought she was being a little dramatic, but I took her into the bathroom helped pull down her underwear. Inside, her panties were covered in blood and puss. I looked at her bum and saw that her fall had caused one of the "pimples" to burst. There was much more inside and I squeezed out as much as I could, but Hailey was in so much pain that I just had to stop. I knew then that she needed to see the doctor.

Thursday morning, I took Hailey to the dr's office. I was a bit disappointed with the visit and the only reason I felt the only thing that was worthwhile from the visit was a prescription for antibiotics. I told the doctor that I had tested positive for MRSA a couple months earlier, but he didn't bother to swab Hailey. He didn't even lift the bandaid to see what the actual sore/boil looked like. He just said it very obviously looked like staph and here's your prescription. I wasn't very happy, but oh well. We had our medicine.

The pharmacist said to make sure she takes it with food. The only problem was, Hailey wasn't eating! We gave her some fruit snacks because we figured she'd at least want those, but when we gave her the medicine, she threw everything up and refused to take any more medicine (Tylenol included) or food. I was upset and stressed and worried that this infection would get worse because she couldn't keep her antibiotics down.

Friday morning, I still had to go to work. The sitter still took her and to my surprise, even said she got Hailey to eat her breakfast and take the medicine! (Come to find out later, they had to use two people and really force her to take it). When I went to pick Hailey up, she wasn't eating again and only wanted to be held. Which of course made it difficult because you also couldn't touch her bum. Try holding a child without touching their bum!

Saturday morning, like I mentioned earlier, I decided to sacrifice going to see the hot air balloons because Hailey needed her sleep. She still wasn't eating, though. I figured she would at least drink juice, so I tried to slip some medicine in her juice. She must have known, because she barely touched her juice either. We were unable to both feed or medicate her and despite trying to have fun, she was just miserable. At the parade, she fell down backwards and just cried and cried from the pain.

Sunday morning, I didn't feel well and Hailey didn't feel well, so we stayed home from church. Scott helped her to the bathroom and I took one look at her bum and said, "That's it. We're taking her to the ER." It was so big and dark, it almost looked like a dark bruise. I knew there was a lot underneath the skin that needed drained and I would not do that at home. I also knew she needed antibiotics and since we couldn't give them orally, she was going to have to get them intravenously. Plus, we were going to hit and exceed our deductible anyway with Leo being born, so I don't care if we take her to the hospital. So we called my parents to meet us there, and off we went!

I am so grateful for our decision to take her to the hospital. They wanted a surgeon to look at her bum and they suggested they admit her overnight to get her started on IV-antibiotics. It was a hard decision at first, but I am glad we chose to stay. The hospitalist sent a picture to the pediatric surgeon. A short while later, he came back and said the surgeon took one look at the picture and was coming down that night to do the surgery! My baby was going to have surgery!

Dr Cook was an excellent surgeon and he removed 30ml (that's equivalent to 1 fl oz) of puss from her abscess. If you think about a child's little butt cheek, that's a heck of a lot of fluid!! He packed the wound and said they'd keep her at the hospital for a couple nights while they wait for the cultures and make sure she is getting antibiotics. Surprisingly, they said these types of abscesses are pretty common in kids Hailey's age. Hailey's just happened to be a pretty big one!

Hailey slept that night and had her wound repacked in the morning. Sedation is a funny thing on a 2 year old!

But boy was she just night and day different from last night! She was happy again! She only cried when they had to change her diaper because of the wound on her bum (and she wasn't happy about being back in diapers to begin with). But every time something hurt her, we'd just say "Bye bye, owies! Doctors nice! Nurses nice!" and that really seemed to help her out.

Hailey ended up staying at the hospital until Wednesday after they found out she had MRSA and made sure she was on the right antibiotics and that she would tolerate taking oral antibiotics at home. Which Scott had to force her to do it once and then we never had a problem again.

We joked that it would have been really convenient if I went into labor while Hailey was in the hospital because all I'd have to do would be to go up just one floor. In reality though, we were grateful that I didn't. Scott didn't need his wife and his daughter in the hospital at the same time.

This hospital experience was fun and good, and I was grateful it turned out to be so positive. But boy will this little girl end up costing us! First the NICU, now this. I'm not looking forward to what else she has in store for us!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Summer Recap: Art City Days and Summerfest

June 14 was a big day and I was looking forward to it for a long time. Since I knew I was going to be having a baby pretty close to the 4th of July (probably my favorite holiday after Halloween), and would thus miss out on the festivities around then, I had to make sure I was going to get some sort of parade/summertime fair fun! I even meticulously planned my weekend out to ensure that this would happen: Art City Days Fair Friday night, bake muffins, wake up early Saturday morning to watch the Hot Air Balloons and snuggle in blankets and eat muffins, then watch Art City Days Parade at 10:00am, then go up to Orem to finish out the evening at Summerfest and watch the parade and fireworks there. I just love parades and fair food and the whole atmosphere of fairs and crowds. I was so excited!

However, things didn't really go as planned. Hailey started getting sick earlier that week. She lost her energy and her appetite. All she wanted to do was sleep on the couch. Poor girl was miserable and wouldn't/couldn't even take her medicines.

We were able to make it out to the fair Friday night and have dinner. She decided she was well enough to play in the splash pad a little bit, so we let her do that. Saturday morning, I knew I needed to let her rest rather than try to wake her up for balloons. So I sacrificed the balloons that I was so looking forward to. Then my mom and Heather came down and we sat at the end of my street and all watched the parade together. It was fun, but you could tell Hailey really wasn't feeling well.

Scott went to work and we went up to Orem. We set up at our spot for the parade and got food for dinner. It was so much fun and I was so glad that I got to hang out with my family celebrating a tradition we have had every year since we were kids! And even Hailey, despite feeling awful, had fun too and even ate a lot of chicken!

After the parade was fireworks! We hauled all our stuff over to the baseball fields and set up camp and just hung out. It was a lot of fun! Scott was even able to join up with us!

She LOVES bubble gum and always makes this face when my mom blows bubbles!

Me and Oy. Yes, these are all phone pics. :)

So despite being 36 weeks pregnant and very swollen, I had a very enjoyable weekend and was able to enjoy one of my favorite summertime pastimes before I had the baby.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Still Here!

It's been a busy summer! I know you all are so eager to hear about our fun adventures! Here's a teaser. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Ready

Despite the MEGA downhill turn tonight took, I can't help but feel blessed for the things that happened today.

First of all, I am grateful for doctors (especially doctors that can get you in same day), modern medicine, and very understanding bosses at work.

Second of all, I probably have the best sister-in-laws in the world. I don't know who's idea it was, but they decided to come up with "Cousins and Cleaning" where one day each week, we will go to one person's house and clean while all the cousins play together. Good bonding time for cousins and sisters, plus we get some good deep cleaning done that we otherwise would probably never have done by ourselves. I, for one, could not have done what they did for me today by myself. I am so, so grateful for their hard work and effort in helping me finish getting things ready/put together for baby and for doing some deep cleaning that my poor house lacked these last 4 years. I couldn't have asked for better family.

So after an exhausting trip to the Wally World and what we did here at home, I can probably say we are pretty much good to go for baby. The bassinet is ready and washed, the car seat is ready and washed, his clothes are cleaned and sorted, and *gasp* I packed my hospital bag!! It felt so strange putting little baby outfits into the bag, like I am actually planning and hoping on taking my baby home with me. I don't want to jinx it, but it sure does feel weird! Now the only things left are to vacuum/wipe out the Magnum (cuz it's pretty bad!) and bleach the diapers since I'm sure Hailey has had a yeast infection at least once during her diaper wearing days.

Oh speaking of! I think it is safe to say that Hailey is officially potty trained. I had two criteria before I could claim that, and I believe they have both been met. #1: Poo in the potty consistently. #2: She had to tell us when to go bathroom, not the other way around. And she has done so great! The only hold back to being 100% potty trained is the nighttime, but that's understandable and I am willing to give that one more time. But she does naps fine, and drives in the car fine (she held her pee from Orem to Springville - good girl!), and I'm not afraid to take her out anymore because I am pretty sure she'll be able to hold it long enough for us to get to a bathroom. So I am grateful for that and just in time for the baby!

And I won't really mention tonight except that briefly, Hailey has a staph infection on her bum (I'm REALLY hoping it's not MRSA, they didn't even bother to swab since I had my MRSA only two months or so ago), and she's had a fever off and on and been really lethargic and not feeling well at all and can't sit on her bum because it hurts and, well, pretty much she threw up her medicine and I don't know how much Tylenol she was able to get into her system for the fever but she won't let me give her more, and we'll try the antibiotics tomorrow morning when she's eaten something. But boy I just want my baby to get better! I just really hope I don't go into labor while she is this sick!

Then also the toilet started leaking today, so Scott looked at it and it needs a new rubber something-or-other and so he's run to the store to get one of those thingies. 9 months pregnant + newly potty trained toddler + no toilet = disaster. Hopefully we get this thing fixed.

And we'll just end with something fun because we can. Scotty loves planes. We are having a boy. That means everything is airplane-themed! Hooray!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pregnancy Update

It feels good to be blogging again! And I apologize for not keeping you better updated on us and my pregnancy. Here's a brief overview of the last 8 months:

I found out we were pregnant right before Halloween. We had so much fun telling my mom because she didn't believe us at first and then got really really excited when she finally realized we were telling her the truth. That was pretty fun.

I had a lot more nausea, it seemed, with this one that I did with Hailey. I feel like as soon as I hit 12-14 weeks with Hailey, the nausea went away and the rest of the pregnancy was a breeze (besides the last week of it) and I honestly didn't mind being pregnant at all! This time, I feel like I've spent a lot more time on the couch much farther into my pregnancy. Probably up until about week 20 or so, I still had to lay down to wait for food to settle (still no throwing up though - that's a plus!), and I had only gained 5-7lbs the whole first half of the pregnancy.

Then something switched and I've been starving ever since! I know I've gained at least 20 more pounds since then, which is really sad for me to accept. I'm carrying much more forward and I feel so much bigger with this one that I ever did with Hailey. I also feel him move CONSTANTLY, which is different from Hailey because while I felt her move, it was just small, tiny little pokes. This boy MOVES. It's fun to watch and feel, and Scott says in one night, he felt Leo (that's his name :) ) move more than he ever felt Hailey that whole pregnancy.

However, from day one, as we discovered in our first dr apt, I've had high blood pressure. When I had to be induced with Hailey, it was because my blood pressure had gone from 120's/80's (very average) to 135-140/mid 80's (plus other pre-eclampsia signs). This time, I started out at the latter. I felt very strongly that I needed to see an OB specialist instead of just my GP for this pregnancy, so I switched over to Valley OB, where they have treated me so well and I have felt like I've really gotten the attention I've needed.

My BP did go down slightly during my 2nd trimester, but as I guessed it would, it has gone back up and it hasn't been pretty. A while ago, we bought an automatic blood pressure cuff so I can monitor my BP at home. Both my home readings and my appts started measuring really high, so they started having me come in every 2 weeks around week 28. I am now at week 33, I have to do weekly Non-stress tests (to make sure the baby is getting enough oxygen because high BP can constrict the flow of oxygen to the baby), and I am now on a BP medication called Labetalol. I've only taken it a few times, but I can already see a difference in my readings. Let's hope it stays good!

Because of my high BP, they had to do a growth ultrasound at week 32. I got to see my little baby! Wait, did I say little? I meant HUGE! His head and femur both measured on target at 32 weeks, but apparently his belly was at 34 weeks, or 95%!!! I asked the tech how much she guessed he weighed and she said about 5lbs according to the measurements. Oy vay! I gave birth to Hailey at 5lbs 10oz at 36 +6 weeks. I can only imagine how much huger this baby is going to be! And yes, I did say huger!

So I'm really tired and I feel huge and I get very hot, and I can't sleep anymore, and I go pee constantly, but I am still very very grateful to be pregnant and we just can't wait to meet our little boy in less than 2 months. We're almost there!

And I'll try to keep you better updated, too. :)

30 Weeks

Friday, March 21, 2014


...Why is it I can only ever have one part of my house clean at a time? Sometimes it's the kitchen and it stays gloriously clean for several days! Sometimes it's the living room. But no matter what I do, it is ever only one area at a time and the rest of the house is a disaster! It's just something funny I've noticed lately. Someday, I'll get back to a full clean  house. Maybe? Ever??

...Baby must have gone through a growth spurt this week. I have felt more FULLER than I ever have, like I just ate a huge buffet. I could be starving, but I'll still feel too full to eat. And it only gets worse from here :) I am also feeling his kicks a LOT more pronounced than they were even last week. I guess I can enjoy that!

...Cleaning out one section of a room really makes a huge difference! I finally cleaned the disaster corner in the living room where everything gets shoved ,and suddenly, the living room just opened up more. It was amazing. I actually vacuumed (don't judge!) and I felt the floor was clean enough to finally get myself to fold some laundry. Again, don't judge.

...I keep dreaming about cloth diapers. Like, crazy nightmare dreams! I just can't wait to get my diapers and see them in person and know that they are real and more importantly, start using them!!!! I can't wait!!

...Scott is taking his Multi-Engine Stage 1 Check today. I can't believe how fast his instructor is getting him through Multi-Engine! I am very pleased.

I will now share with you a couple photos from late:

23 Weeks

1. She LOVES dresses. 2. New bike for her birthday! 3. She's just so darn cute!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Part 2: "Operation House: Overhaul"

As some of you may know, our house is small. I've seen apartments bigger than our house. We have one bedroom, a room just big enough for washer and dryer, and a storage room that technically can't be called a bedroom but we put Hailey back there anyway because that is the only space to put her. To give you a better idea of the smallness of our home, we have one inside door. And that is the bathroom.

Over the years, we have definitely filled our space. We had a baby, and with baby comes junk. We've been married here for 4 years, and with that time, comes junk. And sometimes it's not even junk - sometimes it's stuff you actually do need.

Many, many times, we have come upon opportunities to move. Once was to another home outside our ward, but we felt it was not time to leave our ward yet. We still don't think it is time to leave our ward yet. So we looked at another home for rent in our ward.

And I LOVED it and I so so badly wanted to move into it. It was just around the corner from our house, it was in the ward, it had THREE actual, real, legit, not-closet-sized bedrooms! Rooms that fit beds! And other stuff! There was space, and lots of it, and it was TOTALLY, easily within our price range.

So why didn't we take it?

I think this time, the Lord gave us a choice. He didn't say we had to do one way or the other. This time, it was up to us if we wanted to move or not.

So after weighing the options, even though we could afford the house, we wouldn't be able to start paying off our debts. Was it worth the extra space, or could we make do for just one more year where we are to save the money and get out of debt??

We made our decision. We decided not to move. We decided it was worth more to us to save our money, and pay the debts. And I told Scott that if we stayed, he'd have to majorly help me overhaul our house to make it work for 2 kids. So we're staying, and we are commencing "Operation House: Overhaul" to be completed before the baby comes in June/July!

The first step was to buy shelves and set them up in the laundry room. We will move our food storage off the built in shelves in the storage room and onto the plastic shelves, creating a TON of space to move things off the floor and onto the shelves. This will then allow us to set up a toddler bed in the storage room, with the crib. Oh, it's been done before. Trust me. The people here before us, when we looked through the house, they had it like that. So yes, it is possible.

I also plan to completely de-junk the storage room and get rid of everything we don't absolutely need at the house. Thank goodness for helpful parents who have offered up their storage rooms for things we don't need to store here.

Once the storage room is done, I will start in the kitchen and work my way through the house. I will empty out and re-organize each cupboard and cabinet, making sure the things inside are only what we need and get rid of or pack up what we don't ever use. After 4 years of living here, I can tell you there are quite a few things I haven't ever touched that I unpacked after the honeymoon.

I'm debating on moving furniture around, only to give the place a feeling of change, but that isn't a necessity. My goal is to basically go about as if we were moving, but re-moving into our home again. We are going to make our home brand new and start over. We can make the space work. I know we can, and I know others have, too.

My poor landlady, I don't think she expected us to stay this long, especially into 2 kids!

But we feel good about our decision, and while sometimes I'll pass that other house and dream of days when we could have had a bigger space, I know we can make do with what we have here. I love this stage in our lives. And hopefully, so soon, Scott will get his commercial license this summer, and we will be on our way looking for jobs.

And of course, things never go according to plan, but we feel good that we at least have a plan, and we feel the Lord approves, and that's good, and we just kind of go from there!

Also, here is a picture of Phase 1: The Gateway. This shelf alone represents so much more that we can do now in our storage room.

Happy Sunday! 

Part 1: Tax Return

Sometimes I think of all these things that I would like to share on my Facebook status, but then do you ever stop and think that it might sound a little boastful and prideful, some things you want to put? And you don't mean it that way, but I guess some people would take it that way. Anyway, then I remember that I have a blog and that I really haven't been taking advantage of it like I ought to. So listen to me while I update you on our life!

Tax returns came in. We have been SO SO blessed to have the size of tax returns that we do (I won't go into detail). Each year of our marriage, and even me before I got married, we have been blessed with just the amount we needed for whatever we needed at that time.

In college, it was just enough to pay for rent and stay up in Logan over the summer. And what an amazing summer that was.

Our 2nd year married, we gave our tax return to my dad to help with his diner. We never once regretted it.

This year, we had a couple loans that we so desperately wanted to pay off and just be rid of. One was a car loan - Sally the Sentra is now paid off!!! She is OURS and we should get the title in the mail in the next few days. The second loan was a signature loan that we had to take out to finish Scott's instrument rating last summer, and which we hated from day one. I am so relieved to say that is paid off and out of the way. We never have to think of that blasted loan again.

How amazing it feels to be free of some debt. It's definitely not all debt, but we are that much closer to being free. What remains now is Hailey's hospital bill (what do you expect when you have a crappy insurance plan with a $10,000 out of pocket and a NICU stay that met and exceeded that criteria alone??), one auto loan, and student loans. We feel so blessed to only have students loans and one car to pay on. Granted, our student loans are probably more than what 2 or 3 normal students combined would pay for their education, but that's ok! We know this is the course we need to take.

Next , we will snowball. We take the payments that previously went toward Sally and the signature loan and we apply them to our next lowest balance. Once that is paid off, we take that total and attack the next one. And the next and the next. Getting debt free IS possible, even if it takes a few years. Also, I know we will have plenty more bills to come, especially with a baby coming in July, but I trust, and we will be taken care of.

Now you can see why I can't quite post this stuff on Facebook! It would most certainly come off as boastful and prideful, but I only wanted to share with you our gratitude and how if you put your hands in the Lord's and continue to pay your tithing, you WILL be blessed.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

For My Family

For those who may not remember, a couple years ago, my dad decided to open up a restaurant. It had always been a dream of his to own and operate a diner, and he felt very strongly that now was the time. He found a perfect spot, and he got to work! It took about a year to build/put together, but we were all so excited and really anticipated this great event. We had really high hopes for this diner and things felt good.

Well, they didn't turn out so good. The restaurant struggled to open and struggled to stay open. It barely made it 3 or 4 months before we had a family council and decided to close the doors forever. Some family members were OK with it. Some accepted this as the Lord's will for our family. Some didn't question why we were supposed to build a restaurant to only see it fail.
But some did.
Anyway, I came across this article in the January 2014 Ensign the other day. It brought me a lot of comfort as I read it, even though I have long come to accept this trial my family had to go through. I thought a lot of my dad as I read it and I really wanted to share it on here that Sunday, but I got kind of side tracked and forgot! Lo and behold, the very next day, my loving mother had sent us all an email with that very article attached, telling us how much she loved us and how she knew the diner was meant to be a part of our lives as a family.
So now that I'm thinking about it, I am posting the portion of the article that really stood out to us!
This is by Elder J. Christopher Lansing, Area Seventy, North America Northeast Area, from a devotional address to BYU-Hawaii on Oct. 30, 2012. The talk is called "Enduring Well."
"What We Become Makes All the Difference"
The business I own today was founded by my father nearly 60 years ago. He died in 1980, leaving me to take the helm of the company at the young age of 30.
In those early years, situations came up that required me to make decisions that affected the future of our frail business. I worked hard to act as my father would have acted, and I spent a great deal of time on my knees, trying to discern what to do. In all those decisions, I never felt a calming influence or any direction one way or another. I ultimately did what I thought was best and moved on. But I was disappointed I had not been able to get any confirmation of my actions.
One night my father came to me in a dream. I began to chide him for not helping me know what to do. He said he was aware of my situation but he was busy where he was and his former business was not terribly important. “Chris, we really don’t care about the business up here,” he said. “What we care about very much is what you become because of your business.”
That was a great lesson I hope I never forget. What we get during our life is inconsequential, but what we become in life makes all the difference.
Sometimes we forget that in premortality we fought alongside the Savior in defense of the Father’s plan of moral agency. And we won! Lucifer and his followers were expelled, and we received the opportunity to experience the life we fought for. The Father’s plan included the Atonement. Our job is to face our challenges and endure them well. As we do this, the Atonement has meaning in our lives and we fulfill the Lord’s work and glory: “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39).
Like I said, this article really touched me and I felt like sharing it today. I know the Lord gives us trials and makes things happen in our lives for a reason. I know we are supposed to be here on Earth to learn and grow, otherwise, what's the point?
Let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


How many of you moms out there are just like me and are starting to get frustrated that you can never remember to take out the chicken in time to thaw for dinner and end up just not cooking anymore? Ok, well that's me. My husband works and I work, so I have a limited time frame when it comes to making dinner. If that meat isn't thawed, I pretty much have to scrap my meal plans and come up with a Plan B. And yes, that has been our life for the last few months, and I've gotten frustrated.

I was on Pinterest the other day just browsing, and I saw the one pin where, you know, the mom makes a whole month's worth of meals or crock pot meals all in one day and stocks them up in her freezer. I'm sorry, but who has that much space in their freezer?? Unfortunately, I just skip over those and don't even bother to check for any good recipes. This time, I actually did open up the link and was really glad I did. I found the idea of cooking all my chicken for the week ahead of time!!

This might not seem huge to you, but it was to me.

Now, I am kind of sort of a snob when it comes to cooking chicken. Ever since I found better (and yummier and juicier) ways of cooking chicken breast, I've kind of stopped poaching/boiling my chicken. It seems so bland and flavorless, no matter how many onions and celery pieces you put in there. But at this point, being as exhausted and sick as I am, I have decided to let go of my pride and just BOIL THE HECK out of the chicken if it meant having fresh chicken already cooked and not from a can. Again.

So basically I went to the store today and I bought a 3lb bag of frozen breasts for $6.98 (at the lovely Walmart) and when I got home, I threw it in the stock pot with a few other pieces of frozen chicken breast filets I had in the freezer, roughly chopped half an onion that I had in my freezer, threw in some bullion cubes and some bay leaves, and let that sucker boil for about 30 min whilst I, tired mama, took a nap.

When the chicken was done and cooked, I drained the broth (which I totally wanted to keep and totally forgot!!) and gave those chicken pieces a good chopping and sorted them out into bags. I did 2 cups per bag of chopped chicken because that's about 2 breasts, ish. I was able to get 6 cups out of my 3.5-4lbs of frozen chicken.

I was kind of disappointed though to see that it only made 3 bags, which meant really 3 meals. However, cooked chicken is cooked chicken and I am really still pleased with the results and sooo looking forward to having chicken/cooked meals again. I still put the bags in the freezer, but at least now I can just stick them in the microwave for a quick warm up, or just throw it frozen in the casserole and let it warm in the oven.

Next time, I'll actually do some math and put forth a little more money for some more chicken. Now that I see how easy it is, I really am not daunted to try this again another time. If I'm especially feeling up to it, I may even brown some hamburger and sort those out, although I really don't mind thawing hamburger in the microwave as much because it doesn't get those tough/rubbery edges that chicken does and it's looser (since its ground) and thaws more evenly.

So I feel really good about this and slowly but surely, and definitely not all at once, will I try to be better each week about prepping my food for the week so that when I'm in the hustle and bustle of things, I don't feel so stressed and frustrated.

If you have any ideas or try this out, let me know how it goes! Happy Cooking!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Computer!

First of all, Happy 2014, everybody!

I can honestly say I didn't really care much for 2013. Sure, there were some really good times, but overall, not my favorite year. I know 2014 will be a much better year, but as to why, well, that secret will have to wait just a bit longer!

But we did start out the new year pretty good already - we got a new computer!

It's a Dell, again, and I feel like it is the newer, better sister to my old Dell. All you Dell-nay-sayers, I don't really care. We have really liked our Dell and we got this computer for a good price ($350 - can't beat that!).

So likes and dislikes:
Brand New
Built in camera - ooh!
10-key pad!

WINDOWS 8. I mean, really??

That's pretty much about it.

So today's tasks are to contact Norton and find out why they did not extend our subscription to April 2014 like they told me they would a year ago. Also, uninstall a search engine hi-jacker that has ALREADY found its way onto our computer. I mean, seriously?? That was our problem with the other computer! But this one apparently isn't so bad and I've already got it uninstalled and just need to find anything else it affected and fix those. Hopefully after Norton is all good, that will help.

Viruses anymore. They are buggers!

Also, we are doing pretty good. Scott is taking 2 online classes, one Aviation ground class at the airport (the other aviation class is one of the online classes), and his MULTI-ENGINE flight instruction. WOOT! Can you believe we are almost there?? After multi-engine is commercial, and after commercial, he can finally start looking for jobs. Not like super-amazing jobs yet, but jobs none-the-less. However, if he wants to be an instructor, he'd have to keep doing instructor courses. Blah. We'll see where the Lord takes us though.

Hailey is almost 2 and talking like crazy and has too much energy for her own good and I can barely handle her sometimes! Just kidding, she's really a good kid, just likes to get into everything! I love her though and it's amazing to watch her grow how she is.

I am doing good. Still working at Central Utah Clinic. I have a calling in Cub Scouts over the Wolf Den. I teach piano lessons to a little girl in my ward on Saturdays. I crochet and knit, and sleep in my spare time.

That is all for now. Have a great day!