Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Week So Far

Here's my Week so far...

...I got a very painful toe infection,

had our dryer break down in the middle of a cycle...

...and got our butts kicked at work pretty good.
But still, things could get worse. Oh, that's right. It snowed on April 30. Guess they couldn't.

On a happier note! The things my husband does to stay warm...

[notice how the blanket is puffed up? That's because he has his feet holding the blanket against the heater. That puff is full of hot air.]

and this...

[a hoody, a blanket, and a snuggy]

How about some more things that my funny husband does?
My husband likes to shoot guns...

[yes, that is OUR carbon AR-15]

break glass with his ring...

[he got really excited during a Jimmer game and pounded his hands on the desk so hard the glass broke]


and play x-box.

I love my Silly Scotty very much!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

It's been nice this weekend to sit back and reflect on the reason why we celebrate Easter. I hope that it doesn't always take a holiday to remind me to be grateful for my Savior and what He did for all of us.

I do just want to say that the Lord works in mysterious ways. I won't go into much detail now, but I love those moments in life where you think you have it all worked out and then He throws in another twist of fate. I won't go so far as to say our life was boring, but it certainly wasn't all too exciting by any means. Let me just say that it is so nice to have the Lord's hand work in our lives and help us remember why we depend so much on Him.

The church is true. Go to church. Read your scriptures and pray daily, especially with your spouse. I love this gospel, I am so grateful for the blessings it has brought into my life. I love my husband!

That's my sermon for today. Hope you have a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Don't ask me why I'm sharing this story with you all, but it has been on my mind lately and makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

Back in September 2010 (I think it was September), I went to the Utah State Fair with my sisters and my mom. I love state fairs!

We saw everything, especially and not forgetting the animals in their barns. We spent a good hour or so just walking up and down those stalls, hay and dust in the air galore.

On the way home, I started breaking out. Not in hives, just my sinuses. I couldn't stop itching my nose and my eyes (rubbing with my dirty hands only made it worse) and my nose and eyes were running and I was sneezing like crazy.

When we got back to Orem, I still had to drive myself home down to Springville. I didn't know what to do because I was so shot and so tired. Nevertheless, I got in the car and turned it on.

And put it into reverse.

And backed it into Jenn's car.

I wasn't even paying attention! I put it back into gear and tried driving down the road but I only got about 20 yards before I knew I was not going to get myself home. I went inside bawling like a baby (remember - I was still on hormonal B.C. at this time). Candice and Jenn were so nice enough to drive me and my car home and my mom told me to take 2 Benedryl before I went to bed.

I made it home, I showered and rinsed everything off, I took 2 Benedryl and then went to bed.

I vaguely remember Scott coming into bed. He turned off the light, climbed in and pulled up the covers but not a split second before, I saw him lay down on top of a HUGE spider!!

"Get up!" I yelled. "I just saw...a...spider...there's a spider...where is it?" This all as I tried to push him back up and search around the bed and in the sheets.

Apparently Scott had to force me to lay back down and go back to sleep.

I don't know why I woke up this second time but I looked up at the doorway to our room and saw hundreds - no, thousands - of spiders rushing into our room from the hallway.

I was mortified!! My only "rational" thought was to get Scott to kill them all! I shook him awake and said, "Scott! There's spiders on the floor! Get the spiders! They're coming in!!"

Again, he had to force me to lie down and go to sleep while he held me close.

Apparently, Nancy and Benedryl do not mix well.

The End!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Miss...

I miss eating cookies.

I also miss chocolate.

I especially miss eating chocolate chip cookies.

But other than that, I really am doing quite fine. I honestly haven't had any cravings for sweets, which has been awesome! If anything, I have been craving fruit!!

Now it's back to homework time. I wish breaks could be longer. Sigh...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're Still Here

First off, I would just like to say that Blogger drives me nuts sometimes. It just deleted everything I had written. And won't let me format this paragraph. Honestly. Second off, We're still here! I know I don't post super often but I still try because I know how un-fun it is to read someone's blog and not have them post for weeks on end. I mean, come on! I like reading about everyon'e lives! I know, I am a horrible blog stalker... But things are still going good here with the Benson's. Nothing new or exciting, but good while it lasts. Scott's still at Walmart as inventory supervisor and I am still at Central Utah Orthopedics as phone-answerer. We did just book our hotel for...

Yes, my dreams did come true there.

We've got work off and are heading out to Anaheim, CA the 2nd week of May. We are very, very much looking forward to this vacation. My poor hubby, out of all people, really deserves a break. And we are hoping to get this one last, big vacation in before, well, before we can't afford to have big vacations anymore.

We also watched Seven Pounds (starring Will Smith) last night. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about that movie.

And...the church is true! I am trucking along with school. This semester is almost over!

I really, honestly wish there were more exciting things to write about. I guess the husband and I need to go out and do something spontaneous. We've already gotten into the old-boring-married-couple-with-no-kids mode and it's no fun! We really need something to spice up our lives. With that being said (and without my husband knowing I said this, haha), I am enjoying having free time and money and youth and energy because I know once we have kids, that will all go away.

Dun dun dunnn.....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weevils Part.2 turns out, weevils may not have been my problem all along.

Shortly after we moved in 15 months ago, I put some oats into an air tight container on my kitchen counter that were consequently next to the flour and sugar. We have had zero weevils in the flour and sugar on the counter, but come to find out, we have weevils in the oats.

Hm. Maybe the eggs were in there before I ever even got the oats!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Why does it always have to be that you can always have one but you can't have both? I have always had to ask myself this very question that I'm sure other girls may have also had to ask themselves growing up: "Would I rather be skinny with acne or fat with a clear face?"

Luck never seemed to be on my side in that regard. I felt that while I was skinny, my face was clear enough, but it wasn't ever perfect. I thought I had found my cure when I started the B.C. and had my face go wonderfully clear without much maintenance at all, but I knew that was too good to be true, because here I am now, 16 months later and 20 lbs heavier. What am I ever to do with myself?

Well, it is official for all of you who would like to know. The B.C. has been discontinued, and I hope to never use it again. There are other forms of contraceptives out there, and for all things good and holy they do not have to involve the horrible alteration of your hormones. Goodness, it's SO nice to have myself back!

However, my luck caught up with me, and it didn't take very long for it to catch up either. I am getting deliciously skinny(er) again, but for heaven's sake, would it kill you to make these sores on my face go away and stay away???

Anyways, just thought I would rant about that. It's tough, having to make a choice. I think I would much rather be heavier than to have to deal with painful sores on my face every day that won't go away no matter what treatment I come up with (or spend money on), but then again...I love being fit. It's so hard to have the desire to be fit but have no desire to work out. Or stop eating.

Oh, what a life. But I do love Disneyland and I most especially love my husband, even when he's sick sick sick. Poor guy.

And I love Megamind!!