Thursday, April 21, 2011


Don't ask me why I'm sharing this story with you all, but it has been on my mind lately and makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

Back in September 2010 (I think it was September), I went to the Utah State Fair with my sisters and my mom. I love state fairs!

We saw everything, especially and not forgetting the animals in their barns. We spent a good hour or so just walking up and down those stalls, hay and dust in the air galore.

On the way home, I started breaking out. Not in hives, just my sinuses. I couldn't stop itching my nose and my eyes (rubbing with my dirty hands only made it worse) and my nose and eyes were running and I was sneezing like crazy.

When we got back to Orem, I still had to drive myself home down to Springville. I didn't know what to do because I was so shot and so tired. Nevertheless, I got in the car and turned it on.

And put it into reverse.

And backed it into Jenn's car.

I wasn't even paying attention! I put it back into gear and tried driving down the road but I only got about 20 yards before I knew I was not going to get myself home. I went inside bawling like a baby (remember - I was still on hormonal B.C. at this time). Candice and Jenn were so nice enough to drive me and my car home and my mom told me to take 2 Benedryl before I went to bed.

I made it home, I showered and rinsed everything off, I took 2 Benedryl and then went to bed.

I vaguely remember Scott coming into bed. He turned off the light, climbed in and pulled up the covers but not a split second before, I saw him lay down on top of a HUGE spider!!

"Get up!" I yelled. "I just saw...a...spider...there's a spider...where is it?" This all as I tried to push him back up and search around the bed and in the sheets.

Apparently Scott had to force me to lay back down and go back to sleep.

I don't know why I woke up this second time but I looked up at the doorway to our room and saw hundreds - no, thousands - of spiders rushing into our room from the hallway.

I was mortified!! My only "rational" thought was to get Scott to kill them all! I shook him awake and said, "Scott! There's spiders on the floor! Get the spiders! They're coming in!!"

Again, he had to force me to lie down and go to sleep while he held me close.

Apparently, Nancy and Benedryl do not mix well.

The End!


Scott and Nancy said...

Wow, let me just say that I didn't put all those spaces in there like that - Blogger is kinda weird.

Kates said...

oh gosh.

That's hilarious--in retrospect.

But also horrifying! I would've been traumatized!

Ayisha said...

bahahaha thank you for this. I literally laughed outloud, it was a bit embarrassing.

LuAnn said...

And I felt badly for telling her to take 2 Benadryl forgetting that she hardly ever takes drugs. One would have been sufficient.