Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hailey is ONE! Stats

I can't believe Hailey is one.

Scratch that. I CAN believe Hailey is one and I LOVE that Hailey is one. I do miss that little baby stage, but I can tell you that I have enjoyed every. single. second with Hailey. Every moment of watching her learn something new and grow a little bigger. I don't regret how fast this year has flown. In fact, I think it has gone by just right and I am glad to have a happy little toddler in my home now.

Well, toddling...not quite. But it'll come!

So here it is!

Weight: 17lbs < 5%
Height: 27" <10 b="">

Love my petite girl!

She isn't standing on her own yet, but I don't think it's because she can't, I just think it's because she won't.
She does walk along the furniture.
She dances to music.
She sings to songs.
She sings with mommy.
She says "momma", "daddy" (la-lee), "light" and points to it, "Jesus" and points to Him, and a bunch of other ramble jumble bumble.
She loves lights.
She loves to fly daddy's toy plane and say "vrrrr".
She loves to "rub" lotion on her arms and face.
She still loves her fruits and veggies, and she loves pretzels and cheese tortillas and tuna sandwiches and scrambled eggs and pancakes and bananas.
She is starting to wear shoes now because they actually fit her!
Her hair is sooo long. It really needs a haircut.
She folds her arms to pray.
She still sleeps wonderfully.
She has 6 teeth.
She LOVES stuffed animals. She loves to hug them and hold them tight. She even loves to kiss them.
She loves to wave.
She leans her forehead in when we ask for a kiss.
She loves to laugh.
She loves music. She loves playing the piano.
She got a big girl car seat, but is still rear-facing.
Anything else that I forgot??

I love Hailey and I'm so happy to have her in our family!

Hailey's Bday Party!

Hailey turned ONE!! And I am about 2 weeks late posting about it! Never mind, though. At least I'm getting to it eventually!

We chose a Minnie Mouse theme. Partly because she went to Disneyland in November and got her very own Minnie Mouse, and partly because that theme is waaay easy (I mean, come on, pink, polka dots, how hard can it be, right??). It turned out GREAT! Auntie Oy got her a super cute Minnie Mouse outfit to wear, and Hailey was as happy as can be for the party. I couldn't have asked for anything better!

I can't forget to mention that thanks to amazing technology, we were able to have my dad and Heather there right along with us! I couldn't have asked for better. I know they loved being able to be there with Hailey.

And yes, I did make the cake, and let's just say that yes, it ended up looking alright. It was delicious and altogether perfect!

Cake in progress.

The finished product!

We got these ear-clippies at Disneyland!

Skyping Dad and Heather.

She was a hoot opening presents. Lots of clothes and fun toys!
She was hesitant at first, but after I showed her the ropes, she
 dug right in!

She would not let go of her money. I hope that's not a sign of
 how she'll be when she's older!

More cake pictures.

The attempted smash cake.

We added the banner in the last 2 minutes before everyone came.
Thanks Jenn for helping it turn out so cute!

Family Pics

Here's just a little bit of our fun family pics at Camera Shy! They were SO great, as always. Thanks to Jenn for letting me borrow some clothes, to Hailey for at least not breaking down in front of everyone (we know how tired you were! :( ) and for at least smiling a few times, and to my husband for putting up with the silly things we do, as always!

Poor little girl was so tired!

She LOVES to hug stuffed animals.


Be prepared! Lots-o-posts coming your way!

Coming up...
Family Pics
Hailey's Bday Party
Hailey Is One!! Stats

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Instead of uploading Hailey's pictures and posting about her birthday and her stats and see how much she's grown in her car seat since she was a newborn, I'm going to tell you about how much I want to plant a garden.

Flowers, ok. But vegetables, yes!

Every summer since we have been married, I have wanted to plant a vegetable garden. And I never got around to it and suddenly it was July and way to late to start anything. Not to mention we really didn't have any space to plant a vegetable garden anyway.

I did some minor research last year about growing a garden in containers.

This year, I am actually going to do it. I've already picked out a spot in the yard that I want to have my container garden (that is, if my landlord won't let me use the spot that I've actually really picked out in the yard!). I know what containers I'm going to buy ($5 storage totes - big and cheap!), I know what soil I'm going to use (Miracle Gro Soil Vegetable and Flower), and I know what vegetables I'm going to plant (green beans - a must - , maybe peas, lettuce or spinach?, we'll also try red potatoes. We're keeping it simple)!

Plus, I've already started imaging the warm sunny days of Spring and Summer out pulling weeds and Hailey playing in the yard. We're going to have so much fun, Hailey and I. She even told me she wants to help me plant a garden. Well, at least she could have, if she could have talked.

I've pinned lots of things on Pinterest to help me get started, and I'm really doing my research this year. I am really going to do this! Plus, if I'm feeling really ambitious, I'll plant some flowers out front in the flower beds. If I had it my way, I would rip out those rose bushes and put in some nice normal bushes instead, but we'll just have to tolerate them for another year or horrid, 5-foot-tall roses...

I'm also really excited to water my garden! And I might even buy a green watering bucket. Who knows? I'm going to love this summer!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coming Soon!

Hailey had a birthday, and a birthday party, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!!