Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

It was a Christmas full of emotions. Let me just say, I sure can't wait to be off this birth control.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Day!!!

15" around 8:30am and still snowing...

17" at 10:00am and still snowing!!

On another note, we decorated the phone room! Yay!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Of Course...

Of course I would have everything ready to take to work for once in my life and not forget anything...and I come to work wearing black pants and white socks! Lovely!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Love the Christmas Season!

I've been putting off posting because I haven't uploaded the pictures from my camera yet onto my computer! Besides, I also only post at work any more. It just seems so out of the way to post at home when I could be reading! I have been reading this great series lately. It is called the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. Even though Springville Library would classify this series as Junior Fiction and put them next to book such as Animorphs, I am loving reading this series! It is about Taran Assitant Pig-Keeper who makes lots of friends and goes on many adventures! Lloyd Alexander is such a great story-teller. Now, I know this "review" wasn't as good as the reviews my dear friend B gives on books, but at least I thought I'd say that I really like these books and you should really read them!!

The Prydain Chronicles consist of:
The Book of Three
The Black Cauldron (which was actually made into an animated film by Disney a while ago)
The Castle of Llyr
Taran Wanderer
The High King

So these pictures that I've been waiting to put up...well, they're about our Christmas!! They will be of our cute tree, and our cute house (which I have now managed to organize and make it feel "homey" more than I ever could before) and I have so many ideas to decorate and make our home feel more like home (there aren't pictures of my new decorations because I don't have the decorations yet!), and on Wednesday we went to the Mayan and the Forgotten Carols which I need to tell you about!! Perhaps, though, that can wait until I can put up the rest of my pictures. Don't want to be spoiling anything now, do I?

On other matters, I really need to go shopping. I can't believe there's 2 weeks left til Christmas, and I haven't gotten ANY shopping done yet! That's probably because I work 8-5 every day in a cubicle and every time I get off work it's already dark outside and I don't want to leave the house because when it's dark, it's curl-up-on-the-couch-next-to-the-tree-and-read time! And then when Saturday comes around, I want to sleep in, so I let Scott take the car and then when I finally do get ready for the day to go out shopping, I don't have a car! Plus, it's just not as fun shopping without my sisters!

I feel really unorganized right now because I have about 5 different Christmas lists for people I need to go shopping for. I need to consolidate it down onto one piece of paper, and then I need to put that in my planner. My bag is a disaster right now, haha. Everything that can be anything has just been shoved into it, and all my loose papers are wrinkled. And let's not talk about my house! Everyday on my To-Do List I write: Clean House, Do Dishes. Do I clean the house? Do I do dishes? Not really. I am ashamed. For the next little while, don't come over to my house unannounced. You will cry at its messiness.

Ok, that wasn't really true. But I have been a little lazy in cleaning up my house lately. Especially the bedroom. Oh, and let's not forget that pile of clean laundry lying on the floor next to the dryer that's been picked through for the last 3 days now.

But on the up side...I get free lunch at work! It's true. Every day, lunch is catered to us. It's actually quite fantastic, although I really shouldn't be saying anything good about it because it has probably greatly contributed to my slight weight gain since I started working here. But the food is just so yummy! Places that we order from are Zupas, Kneaders, Cafe Rio, Boston Deli, Honeybaked, and Jimmy John's, just to name a few :). I believe Boston Deli would have to be my favorite. Everything they make is fresh. Yummy!

On another up-side...I've probably cut out about a hundred snowflakes here at work. Our room is going to look fantastic!

I'll post pictures later. Love you all. For now, enjoy what you read and I hope it is good reading for you on my lovely and fun-filled life. I don't know how much my friends or family really do read my blog, but it helps pass the time at work, so I post anyway. Thanks a bunch - "post" to ya later!

P.S. Smile a lot. It really makes a huge difference!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Now that we can get Blogger again at work, suddenly I have had a desire to start blogging a lot more. Obviously you can tell by how many posts I have already made just in the last week. But it's fun, it helps pass the time. I hope they're not too boring to you. I don't really blog to keep a journal like some people do, I only blog to tell people what's going on in my life, which I guess could be considered a journal. I don't know why I just said that, but I guess maybe that explains why my blogs are so boring. I guess I need to do more exciting things with my life, or try to look for the exciting things in my every day and record them here.

Well, for today's blog post, I would like to compare our homes to a computer.

Our homes are like unto a computer. When a computer is not fully or adequately protected, viruses can sneak in and steal your identity or destroy your hard drive. The same goes for our homes. When our homes are not fully protected with the Spirit, Satan, like viruses, can come into our homes and destory our "spiritual hard drives." On a computer, we may opt to go for the cheaper anti-virus software simply because it is less money and just easier (Am I speaking from experience? Yes, yes I am). Cheaper software does not keep out all the bad viruses, especially if we go looking for them. Once again, like in our homes, we cannot go for the cheaper option just because it is easier. If we decide to skip out on our prayers or our scripture reading just because it is easier to fall asleep or get ready for work/school, then we may be allowing "spiritual viruses" to slowly but surely come into our homes. Let us protect our families and homes by spending the time, watching and praying always, that we may come off conquerors and keep our homes and lives virus free.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season... spend way more money on our Christmas decorations than we were meaning to because it's our first Christmas married/favorite holiday. kick myself into gear and finish all my online assignments/tests by this week and just be done with it for the semester. register for class(es) next semseter. even decide which school I want to go to next semester. talk to an advisor about which school I should go to next semester. get my husband going to school next semester.

...and to stress and worry because it's already December. Why do I wait so long for this? I sure wish I had some sort of plan made so I'm not left stressing 2 weeks before the deadline... keep working out and watch what I eat. This birth control will NOT get the best of me! be social again. For real.