Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season... spend way more money on our Christmas decorations than we were meaning to because it's our first Christmas married/favorite holiday. kick myself into gear and finish all my online assignments/tests by this week and just be done with it for the semester. register for class(es) next semseter. even decide which school I want to go to next semester. talk to an advisor about which school I should go to next semester. get my husband going to school next semester.

...and to stress and worry because it's already December. Why do I wait so long for this? I sure wish I had some sort of plan made so I'm not left stressing 2 weeks before the deadline... keep working out and watch what I eat. This birth control will NOT get the best of me! be social again. For real.

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Kates said...

Love the new layout!! It's way cute!