Saturday, December 15, 2012

It Really Works!

Lately, I have been stressed about not being able to get things done, or feeling overwhelmed that I had too much to do around the house, and that I had no time to just sit down and do what I needed to anymore, and that I kept piling things on top of other things instead of getting down to the bottom and cleaning it all out, and add on top of that I had been watching too much TV, not reading enough or doing enough mind- or body-exercising things....

Frankly, I was beating myself up pretty bad.

So then a couple weeks ago, Sis Metallo taught us in YW about using our time wisely. She mentioned the talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks about "Good, better, best." Choose the best things to do first, then the better, and then if you have time, you can do the good. I've heard this lesson over and over and over again. I've seen the jar with the rocks and the sand and the water over and over. It's all the same. But that week, I finally understood.

At that point, my to-do list was pretty much at least 10 things or more I had to get done every day. It was overwhelming. I felt unaccomplished and upset when I couldn't get it all done, and I beat myself up about it every day. So I made a decision: I chose THREE things I needed to get done the next day. One was the most important, or the best. The next was second important, or better. And the third, which I should still try to get done, would be the good. And that was all I allowed myself to do, and if I didn't do anything else other than that, that it was OK because I got done what was the most important that day. And of course, I started this all off with a prayer to make sure these were the most important things I needed to get done that day.

And guess what! I did it! They were only three things, but I felt significantly more accomplished in that one day than I did after a whole week of trying to do things. And I even had time to crochet. And most importantly, I felt happy and at peace.

I continued this for a couple weeks, and am even still continuing this. I'm even exercising again. I am much happier with myself and my ever-messy house.

So why am I sharing this? I guess because yes, I am wasting time and I needed something to write about. But also, because this was a testimony builder for me. It may be different for you. You don't have to do it this way. But I took a teaching and I applied it with prayer, and I know the Lord blessed me in helping me feel better about myself again.

My house may never be pristine like I would like it to be. Things may be left undone for the night. But I know that I am doing my best to work on what needs to be done that day, and I feel good about it. I know the Lord will help us if we just turn to Him with a sincere prayer. He can make us better! And because of this, I hope I am becoming better.

Merry (early) Christmas to you folk. I hope you enjoy your holiday season!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Talk About Hair...

...if I ever did see hair. And boy did I see hair! 
She's got almost a nice looking mullet going on there, doesn't she?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hailey... small.

Let me rephrase that. She is TINY. Teeny teeny tiny.

I took her in yesterday because she was sick. Excited to see her be weighed and measured. I think it's been about a month since we took her in for her rash, and she was 13lbs even. I knew she had grown, so I couldn't wait to see what her weight was going to be!

Do you want to guess? Do you even want to try??

Baby Hailey, 9 months old, weighs 13lbs 2oz. She is 26 inches long. I looked up a chart online. For weight, she is 0.1% !!! And height is 3%. That's comforting.

I just love my teeny tiny little girl!!

And yes, I have actually considered the possibility of dwarfism. But that is mostly genetic (which there is none on either side) and her limbs are completely proportional. She's just small. That's all there is to it. Scott's great-grandmother was about 4'9" and my great-grandmother was about the same. Both under 5 feet. So anyway. She is wonderful and I love her no matter how small she is!

Catching Up: Halloween/Thanksgiving/Disneyland/9 Months Old

Have I ever told you how much I love Halloween? This year, I dressed up as a character from a "Dr Who" episode named...Nancy! I think I might just dress up as famous Nancy's and that way I'll have my costumes set for the next couple years! Scott was the 12th Doctor, meaning we don't know how the 12th doctor is going to look so for all we know, he could wear jeans and a plaid jacket! And Hailey was my crowning glory...a flamingo! I got the tutu from my friend Stacey, but you bet your bottom dollar I made that hat! It turned out so great! We visited both Grandmas and just had a fun time hanging out with our family.

Thanksgiving was a very nice, relaxing day. Well, not for poor Scotty! He had to work at 7am until 11. He came home, we went up to eat with my family, and he was right back to work at 6pm, working clear through the night until 6am. Poor Scotty. I'm so glad he didn't get trampled in the Black Friday madness! I didn't go shopping this year - had no desire to. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my family, watching movies and just having fun. Unfortunately, I only have one picture! I sure do love Thanksgiving and I don't think I ever say enough just how grateful I am for my family, the Gospel, and all I have around me, every day of my life.

And next comes the greatest news of all - we went to Disneyland!! We left the Sunday after Thanksgiving...and realized it was absolutely the worst time to drive to California ever. We got stuck in traffic for 3 hours!!! My, uh, little joke of "It's 6 hours from Primm" turned out to not be a joke but more of a curse. Sorry! The kids did so great though, and we ended up making it to Anaheim in one piece! We spent 4 FANTASTIC days in Disneyland. I rode a lot of new rides that I never had before, and ate a lot of yummy food! By the end of the trip, I was sure glad to get home, but I will still say that I had so much fun and it was such a nice, relaxing, very much-needed vacation. I love being out and about all day having fun and then coming back to the hotel to relax with your family. There aren't too many pictures, but that's mostly because I was too busy having fun! Also, Disneyland with a baby...well, I will definitely try not to ever do it again (too much work changing diapers and mixing bottles and always having to hold them because they can't walk yet), but Hailey actually did REALLY well and it really wasn't that bad. Next time we come, hopefully our youngest will be old enough to eat normal people food (no way am I packing all that baby food/formula in again!) and walk by themselves. All in all though, great trip.

Stopped at Burger King in Baker. There was mega traffic through that area!

First day waiting to get into the park! It's all decked out for Christmas!

Hailey was a really good girl and took her naps in the park.

Delicious all-you-can-eat BBQ at Big Thunder Ranch in Critter Town...worth every penny.

Then (2010) and now (2012). What a difference!

Then and now. Love the airplane!

Can you tell Hailey loved Disneyland!

The castle all decked out for Christmas.

Then and now!

9 Months Old:
And last but not least, Hailey turned 9 months old while we were in Disneyland! I can't believe she is getting so old and cute and smart and amazing. Her hair is longer than ever, she can FINALLY sit-sit by herself, she likes to pull herself up on her feet but can't stand on her own just yet. She can pick up small pieces (mostly food, but sometimes other things too!) and stick them in her mouth. She highly dislikes her baby food and would much rather eat and feed herself real people food instead. Thus, I am trying to shop with her more in mind and prepare ahead of time so she can actually have table food. She talks and babbles and hums and sings constantly. Today I even got her to whisper in church! She knows when we take things away from her and criiies and screeeams. Enter...tantrum stage 1. Still in Size 2 diapers and some clothes ranging from 3-6 month to even some random 12 month footsie pajamas. She is still skinny as ever, but growing nonetheless. I would guess she weighs about 14 lbs. Her doctor said no more visits until a year, so I guess we won't see how much she really weighs until first part of March :-s. What a privilege and stressful time it is to be a mom. I love it, wouldn't trade it for anything. Sorry about the times that I complain. I am very happy, and I can't wait for Hailey's first Christmas!