Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adventure of the Day!

Here's for my Adventure of the Day!

So, Scott and I have this system, and it's worked out really well for us so far...until yesterday. We have one key for the car, so we keep it on a clip and switch it from each other's key chains. We have also decided that Scott should keep his keys on him no matter what because it has his oil on it. You can never be too prepared.

Now, our morning schedules go like this: I take Scott to work at 700am, I come back home, eat breakfast and finish getting ready, and leave for work at 730am. Everyday, that's how it goes. I almost always take my keys with me because, hello, I can't just leave the house unlocked.

Well, yesterday morning, for some reason, was different because first of all, I decided to just grab the car key off of Scott's keys and not take my house key. I went out and started the car, and Scott came out after me and we left. Just my luck, I got back from dropping him off to find out he had locked the door behind him and I didn't have my house key. Hurridly I got back into the car and drove back to Walmart, went to find Scott, and asked him for his keys only to find out he didn't grab them off the hook this morning! Both of our keys were locked in the house!!

So I ran back home, I paced and paced, I didn't know what to do. Normally I climb through the window, but the ladder behind our house was gone, so I couldn't do that. Besides, I was wearing my flats and it had just happened to snow that morning! And our landlord had already left to work. Well, I decided to finally just tough it out and figure out a way up into our window. My feet were soaking wet, but I struggled through that window and got wet, muddy footprints all over my kitchen table. Lovely! But I made it! And I was very late to work. The end. What an exciting story! Moral of the story? Don't lock both your keys in the house when you need to go to work. Watch out for your keys. Don't lose them. Leave a spare key. Do something! And make sure strangers can't crawl through your window either. Thanks! What an exciting day...

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Kates said...

haha...this reminds me of at least 7 times Jason has locked himself out since we've been married. Both the car key and the house key...lol. I like the idea of a clip though, Jason and I just swap keys. I hadn't thought about the fact that I take his oil away when I do that though. Good point.