Thursday, November 25, 2010

Babies and BYU Games

So my Dad calls me up mid Saturday morning and says,

"Hi, what are your plans today?"

Me: (thinking this is a random call from my dad to be asking me what my plans were) "Nothing much. I've got some homework to do. Oh, and Scott wants to go up to the Benson's and watch the BYU football game on TV."

Dad: "Actually, he's not."

Me: "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Dad: "Yes. Greg's friend has 4 extra tickets, and Scott already said he's coming."

Me: "But, Scott doesn't get off til 4!" (The game started at 4pm)

Dad: "That's ok. Just meet us here when you can. See ya!"

And thus is the beginning of the story of Greg's awesome friend giving us 4 tickets to BYU's last home game, the game which Scott actually really wanted to go to since it was the last home game but was sad because he had to work until right when it started. Well, I knew he'd be in a hurry when I picked him up, so I carefully laid out his BYU shirt, BYU hoody, and BYU hat and went to go pick him up. And yes, he was in a hurry. He was literally bouncing up and down in his seat, he was so excited!

And we actually got pretty good parking, and ran the whole way to the stadium, and got there by the 2nd quarter. Not a bad time to get there. And guess where the seats were??? THIRD ROW. I couldn't have liked Greg's friend anymore than I did at that time. This game was so awesome!! And cold!

Cosmo actually waved to me! To ME!

Number 9 also happens to be my number. In case you might have forgotten. :)

Some pretty awesome views of touchdowns (or fake touchdowns because of a "penalty") from our seats!

We won! BYU officially gets to go to a Bowl Game!! Now if only they can beat the U this weekend....

What a fun night that was!

And the night before...Lizzie had her baby!! Nine months to the day we were married, Scott's sister had her baby..hehe.

Logan Rowe (he has a middle name, but I can't remember what it is)
8lbs 4oz, tons of hair, and huge feet.

Scotyt was such a natural holding him. Well, he's kind of looking like maybe he is confused, like maybe he really does want to be a daddy...hmmm!!

See how much hair he has! And so dark!

Did I happen to mention he has huge feet? I know this picture is hard to tell, but they are as long as my husband's pinky. He doesn't fit the newborn socks. His dad says we should call him Big Foot!

And yes, these picture's are displayed with Liz's permission. Congratulations, Liz! We are so excited to have Logan be in our big, happy family, and we can't wait for Kristina's baby in the Spring!

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