Friday, December 3, 2010

Now that we can get Blogger again at work, suddenly I have had a desire to start blogging a lot more. Obviously you can tell by how many posts I have already made just in the last week. But it's fun, it helps pass the time. I hope they're not too boring to you. I don't really blog to keep a journal like some people do, I only blog to tell people what's going on in my life, which I guess could be considered a journal. I don't know why I just said that, but I guess maybe that explains why my blogs are so boring. I guess I need to do more exciting things with my life, or try to look for the exciting things in my every day and record them here.

Well, for today's blog post, I would like to compare our homes to a computer.

Our homes are like unto a computer. When a computer is not fully or adequately protected, viruses can sneak in and steal your identity or destroy your hard drive. The same goes for our homes. When our homes are not fully protected with the Spirit, Satan, like viruses, can come into our homes and destory our "spiritual hard drives." On a computer, we may opt to go for the cheaper anti-virus software simply because it is less money and just easier (Am I speaking from experience? Yes, yes I am). Cheaper software does not keep out all the bad viruses, especially if we go looking for them. Once again, like in our homes, we cannot go for the cheaper option just because it is easier. If we decide to skip out on our prayers or our scripture reading just because it is easier to fall asleep or get ready for work/school, then we may be allowing "spiritual viruses" to slowly but surely come into our homes. Let us protect our families and homes by spending the time, watching and praying always, that we may come off conquerors and keep our homes and lives virus free.


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