Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Why does it always have to be that you can always have one but you can't have both? I have always had to ask myself this very question that I'm sure other girls may have also had to ask themselves growing up: "Would I rather be skinny with acne or fat with a clear face?"

Luck never seemed to be on my side in that regard. I felt that while I was skinny, my face was clear enough, but it wasn't ever perfect. I thought I had found my cure when I started the B.C. and had my face go wonderfully clear without much maintenance at all, but I knew that was too good to be true, because here I am now, 16 months later and 20 lbs heavier. What am I ever to do with myself?

Well, it is official for all of you who would like to know. The B.C. has been discontinued, and I hope to never use it again. There are other forms of contraceptives out there, and for all things good and holy they do not have to involve the horrible alteration of your hormones. Goodness, it's SO nice to have myself back!

However, my luck caught up with me, and it didn't take very long for it to catch up either. I am getting deliciously skinny(er) again, but for heaven's sake, would it kill you to make these sores on my face go away and stay away???

Anyways, just thought I would rant about that. It's tough, having to make a choice. I think I would much rather be heavier than to have to deal with painful sores on my face every day that won't go away no matter what treatment I come up with (or spend money on), but then again...I love being fit. It's so hard to have the desire to be fit but have no desire to work out. Or stop eating.

Oh, what a life. But I do love Disneyland and I most especially love my husband, even when he's sick sick sick. Poor guy.

And I love Megamind!!


Kates said...

ok, what is with this obsession with megamind? lol...

missy said...

because dear katie, megamind is one of the best movies ev-a!! :)
and nanc, seriously accutane. It's amazing... buuuuut, you can't get pregnant while you're on it, you have to be on birth control... so maybe not considering how much you hate birth control. but it really is a cure, my skin was horrendous and I have no problems anymore. annnd, most of the horror stories you hear about it are completely false :P