Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're Still Here

First off, I would just like to say that Blogger drives me nuts sometimes. It just deleted everything I had written. And won't let me format this paragraph. Honestly. Second off, We're still here! I know I don't post super often but I still try because I know how un-fun it is to read someone's blog and not have them post for weeks on end. I mean, come on! I like reading about everyon'e lives! I know, I am a horrible blog stalker... But things are still going good here with the Benson's. Nothing new or exciting, but good while it lasts. Scott's still at Walmart as inventory supervisor and I am still at Central Utah Orthopedics as phone-answerer. We did just book our hotel for...

Yes, my dreams did come true there.

We've got work off and are heading out to Anaheim, CA the 2nd week of May. We are very, very much looking forward to this vacation. My poor hubby, out of all people, really deserves a break. And we are hoping to get this one last, big vacation in before, well, before we can't afford to have big vacations anymore.

We also watched Seven Pounds (starring Will Smith) last night. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about that movie.

And...the church is true! I am trucking along with school. This semester is almost over!

I really, honestly wish there were more exciting things to write about. I guess the husband and I need to go out and do something spontaneous. We've already gotten into the old-boring-married-couple-with-no-kids mode and it's no fun! We really need something to spice up our lives. With that being said (and without my husband knowing I said this, haha), I am enjoying having free time and money and youth and energy because I know once we have kids, that will all go away.

Dun dun dunnn.....

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