Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Computer!

First of all, Happy 2014, everybody!

I can honestly say I didn't really care much for 2013. Sure, there were some really good times, but overall, not my favorite year. I know 2014 will be a much better year, but as to why, well, that secret will have to wait just a bit longer!

But we did start out the new year pretty good already - we got a new computer!

It's a Dell, again, and I feel like it is the newer, better sister to my old Dell. All you Dell-nay-sayers, I don't really care. We have really liked our Dell and we got this computer for a good price ($350 - can't beat that!).

So likes and dislikes:
Brand New
Built in camera - ooh!
10-key pad!

WINDOWS 8. I mean, really??

That's pretty much about it.

So today's tasks are to contact Norton and find out why they did not extend our subscription to April 2014 like they told me they would a year ago. Also, uninstall a search engine hi-jacker that has ALREADY found its way onto our computer. I mean, seriously?? That was our problem with the other computer! But this one apparently isn't so bad and I've already got it uninstalled and just need to find anything else it affected and fix those. Hopefully after Norton is all good, that will help.

Viruses anymore. They are buggers!

Also, we are doing pretty good. Scott is taking 2 online classes, one Aviation ground class at the airport (the other aviation class is one of the online classes), and his MULTI-ENGINE flight instruction. WOOT! Can you believe we are almost there?? After multi-engine is commercial, and after commercial, he can finally start looking for jobs. Not like super-amazing jobs yet, but jobs none-the-less. However, if he wants to be an instructor, he'd have to keep doing instructor courses. Blah. We'll see where the Lord takes us though.

Hailey is almost 2 and talking like crazy and has too much energy for her own good and I can barely handle her sometimes! Just kidding, she's really a good kid, just likes to get into everything! I love her though and it's amazing to watch her grow how she is.

I am doing good. Still working at Central Utah Clinic. I have a calling in Cub Scouts over the Wolf Den. I teach piano lessons to a little girl in my ward on Saturdays. I crochet and knit, and sleep in my spare time.

That is all for now. Have a great day!

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