Sunday, March 9, 2014

Part 1: Tax Return

Sometimes I think of all these things that I would like to share on my Facebook status, but then do you ever stop and think that it might sound a little boastful and prideful, some things you want to put? And you don't mean it that way, but I guess some people would take it that way. Anyway, then I remember that I have a blog and that I really haven't been taking advantage of it like I ought to. So listen to me while I update you on our life!

Tax returns came in. We have been SO SO blessed to have the size of tax returns that we do (I won't go into detail). Each year of our marriage, and even me before I got married, we have been blessed with just the amount we needed for whatever we needed at that time.

In college, it was just enough to pay for rent and stay up in Logan over the summer. And what an amazing summer that was.

Our 2nd year married, we gave our tax return to my dad to help with his diner. We never once regretted it.

This year, we had a couple loans that we so desperately wanted to pay off and just be rid of. One was a car loan - Sally the Sentra is now paid off!!! She is OURS and we should get the title in the mail in the next few days. The second loan was a signature loan that we had to take out to finish Scott's instrument rating last summer, and which we hated from day one. I am so relieved to say that is paid off and out of the way. We never have to think of that blasted loan again.

How amazing it feels to be free of some debt. It's definitely not all debt, but we are that much closer to being free. What remains now is Hailey's hospital bill (what do you expect when you have a crappy insurance plan with a $10,000 out of pocket and a NICU stay that met and exceeded that criteria alone??), one auto loan, and student loans. We feel so blessed to only have students loans and one car to pay on. Granted, our student loans are probably more than what 2 or 3 normal students combined would pay for their education, but that's ok! We know this is the course we need to take.

Next , we will snowball. We take the payments that previously went toward Sally and the signature loan and we apply them to our next lowest balance. Once that is paid off, we take that total and attack the next one. And the next and the next. Getting debt free IS possible, even if it takes a few years. Also, I know we will have plenty more bills to come, especially with a baby coming in July, but I trust, and we will be taken care of.

Now you can see why I can't quite post this stuff on Facebook! It would most certainly come off as boastful and prideful, but I only wanted to share with you our gratitude and how if you put your hands in the Lord's and continue to pay your tithing, you WILL be blessed.

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