Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This month has consisted of several things for us:

On July 15, we celebrated my half birthday. I am now almost 22.

On July 20, we celebrated Scott's real birthday. He really is 22.
And he ate Chocolate Cherry Cake.

We inherited a .22 handgun from Scott's grandfather.
We have taken it shooting many times :)

Harry Potter.
The books.
The Lego Game for XBox 360.

Family Reunion at Silver Creek Plunge in Idaho.
Have you ever swam in a crystal clear pool with warm water? SO much fun!

...And of course there's the usual griping and complaining about how we both highly dislike our jobs. WalMart is understandable. They really don't treat their employees well because they are so concerned about making money for themselves. But Ridley's...Ridley's is the last place I would suggest anyone to work at. They don't communicate to their employees OR their customers. The store looks like crap now. They have rearranged everything around and, oops, forgot to tell their frontend where everything is. It's awful. Everyone who doesn't have to stay in a checkstand are best friends. And if you have friends in high places, then you get to go high places. Who cares if there are people who have been with Albertson's for YEARS but have never had an opportunity for advancement. No one treats you fairly. I feel like slum everytime I go into work. I don't feel appreciated. I feel insecure. Whoever runs this store now sure has not done a good job at helping their employees feel like they belong. But, who am I to complain. At least I have a job, and it's not fast food or phones. For that, I am very grateful.

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