Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Couple Things I Have Learned As A Mother - The Hard Way.

A Couple Things I Have Learned As A Mother - The Hard Way
by a mother who is currently beating herself over the head.

I say this all in good nature, but seriously! There are just those things in life that you apparently just have to learn yourself, and also that people are never, ever going to let you live down.

So we begin with Number One:
Never, ever think you are good enough to cut your own child's hair.
No matter how many YouTube videos you watch (or, don't watch...) you just have to face the fact that you were never meant to cut hair. You already have no sense of fashion or style, so don't trick yourself into thinking you were born to also cut hair. By yourself. With no one to help or guide you.

It just doesn't work out.

Thankfully, hair grows fast and we'll be over this fiasco in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, I'll just put paper bag over my daughter's head, and mine.

Number Two:
The good sippies are expensive. The cheap sippies don't last.
As much as I hate it, I have bought waaaay more sippies for my one child than I ever care to think. But that's because I bought the cheap ones first, and they all started leaking. Not to mention, you have to go back and buy a different one for their age (not really, but I've noticed that Hailey likes the new sippies I bought better because they have a higher flow than the other sippies we wasted money on). Also, the better sippies that don't break (ahem) and don't leak (double ahem) and don't clog or whatever else, a) cost at least $2 more than the average sippy and b) are NOT gender neutral! Those darn companies knew what they were doing when they started making sippies only for girls or only for boys. You're gonna bet my future sons (if any) are going to be drinking from flowered/pink/purple sippies. It's just ridiculous to have to buy new sippies for each child.

Anyway, I'm done with my rant. Some things are just frustrating, and sometimes I just want to go lay down and cry. But I know wallowing in my own pity isn't going to change what has happened (I'm mostly talking about the hair) and we just have to accept it and laugh about it and move on.

And maybe eventually get over myself and post a picture. In a couple weeks...after her hair has grown back.

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