Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Good News!

The Good News is...my computer is back! Healthy and fast as ever. I am so, so very happy. It feels like the very first day I turned it on.

But that's the bad news. It's because it IS like the very first day I turned it on. Wiped the whole thing...and factory reset it. We backed it all up on my external hard drive, but I know that is going to take a good, long time to upload everything back onto my computer.

You know what, though? It feels really good, this starting new thing. True, it may take some work to get things back to where they were before (re-install the printer, put all my pictures and files back on, get all my settings the way I like it) but it is totally worth it.

Sort of feels like baptism, or the Atonement, wiping this all clean. Love it!

Anyway, I thought I would start a new thing. Try to write every Friday or Saturday to tell you about our week. Today is Tuesday, but this is making up for last week. And sadly, no pictures right now.

Last Monday, school started for Scotty and my mom. It also meant Hailey started at her new babysitter. She loved it!! The new sitter has 2 kids, one Hailey's age, and she came home happy as ever!

We are still trying to adjust to Scott's new schedule at work. It keeps him away til 8pm, which we are very much not used to. For two years we've had our evenings together, every evening! But I feel like this is good to shake things up a bit and get us working on our toes again. I think this will also encourage us to go to the temple more since before, we felt like we could go anytime, and thus, didn't. Now, we really have to plan it and stick with the plan. I think I am going to like this.

Friday was Scott's cousin's wedding. It was in Manti and it was beautiful. They both have such great families and I was very pleased to be in the their presence all day. We spent the afternoon/evening in Richfield for the luncheon and reception. I like Richfield! Small enough that it's in the middle of nowhere, but big enough for a Walmart! It was a great, but long, day.

Saturday, I went to my sweet little piano student's baptism. She got baptized with her two best friends. What a wonderful moment that was. It was crazy to see these young girls getting baptized. They were so little when we moved into the ward 3 1/2 years ago!

Sunday was our nephew's baby blessing. We spent more time with Scott's family and had a nice breakfast/luncheon. We spent dinner at my family's house where my tech-savy brother helped clean my computer.

Monday was great because my dear sister Oy decided to watch Hailey for me while I deep cleaned my house!! I did the kitchen/fridge and the storage room and it feels SO sososo great to be able to have space in the storage room again. I love that everything is organized again. I am happy.

And so that brings us to today, where I am yelling at my daughter to stay out of the garbage and stop eating those old carrot peals, and to stop climbing up on the rocking chair and tipping it over backwards, and, oh yeah, where I am avoiding the DISASTER in my bathroom where the toilet may or may not have flooded the floor...I am going to have fun cleaning tonight. Oy vay.

That is all! Hope you enjoyed!

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