Sunday, December 11, 2011


Well, I know it's been a few days since I have posted, so I thought I would just post right now to keep you updated on whatever is going on in our lives. I don't want to write too much about something exciting that may be coming up in our lives, because if I do write about it right now, then I am probably going to jinx us and then it won't happen, and that would be very sad. So this is all that I am going to say about that. And that is that.

But in other news, the semester is over almost, which is nice. We just have our few finals this week and then we will be done for Christmas break. And I will be done-done, like, done with my Associates. It will be very nice. Although I will go back someday to get my bachelor's because I truly want to be a choir teacher, but right now I feel good about just getting my Associates and calling it good right there. Scotty is signed up for his classes next semester. Poor fellow is going to be working full time and going to school full time. Whatever are we going to do. However, I don't think he is going to complain that much because, well, let's face it, he is going to be living his dream about 3 times a week by flying up in the sky. I don't think he can complain much.

Hailey is kicking more than ever!! We are finally seeing my stomach bounce around - it has been SOOO exciting! Scott gets so excited when I tell him she is kicking, and he'll run over to me and put his hand on my stomach and sit and wait patiently for her to kick again. She is usually pretty good for him and will kick again at least once for him. This is such an exciting (I know, I am using that word a lot) part in the pregnancy, because even more it is so amazing to literally see that there is a living being inside of me that is, well, alive, and kicking, and moving and functioning. It is truly...a miracle!

I am desperately trying to get myself into the Christmas mood. It has been especially hard this year with NO SNOW. We have the tree up, we play the Christmas music, I mean, Christmas is in 2 weeks! But it just doesn't feel like it, no matter how hard I try. We haven't even done any Christmas shopping yet, which I know is so horrible. But I really am trying to get into the Christmas spirit. I suppose there are other places around the world and the United States that don't get snow in the winter (but still get bitterly cold? I mean, come on), so it absolutely means that Christmas does not have to include snow in order for it to still be enjoyed. I will just have to content myself right now with reading my Christmas books and drinking hot cider by the lit up Christmas tree to Christmas music playing in the background and the blinds shut tight - that way I can just pretend that there is snow outside to complete the scene.

And in case any of you were wondering, baby gifts are more than welcome as Christmas gifts for me/us this year. Just in case you were wondering ;-)

Oh, also, I suppose some of you may also be wondering about baby showers and such. To be quite honest, I have no idea when that is going to be. My sisters (and/or friends or co-workers? No idea, really) are in charge of that (those??), so I am thinking that as soon as Christmas is over, the shower planning may start. Who knows. I wasn't planning on even thinking about showers until we got into January anyway, so yeah. That's my little two-bits about a baby shower. I'll keep you posted either way.

Well, this is enough for now. I am just trying to kill time while my husband sits and reads Mockingjay. I hope you all had a nice weekend and hope you all will have a good week at work this week! And Happy Christmas Shopping!

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Missy said...

Nancy I am so excited for you! Congratulations on being pregnant! It's so much fun...and little babies are even more fun!