Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well. I Feel Successful!

And....this is basically what my kitchen drawers looked like. That's little mice poop, mixed with some sage leaves they probably got into that I had in a little baggy. The drawer right above it had my towels. It looked about the same, and one of my good towels was all chewed up in one spot!! I forgot to take a picture - I will have to do that later.

So my AMAZING mom sacrificed her time and came over to help me clean out my drawers. Yes. We washed every one of those dishes. In the hottest water we could stand. I guess this was a good opportunity to reorganize everything anyway, right?

And we had success!! Look at that little sucka...too bad he can almost be consider CUTE if it weren't for the fact that he wreaks so much havoc in my life. We got you good, little mouse! And glue traps? You are my new best friend. Zero mess - it all goes with you. Too bad Scotty and I just barely bought the traditional mouse traps...if there are any more out there, hopefully it won't make too much of a mess in my drawer before I have to put everything back in (well, I'll have to sanitize it again anyway). We will definitely be getting glue traps from now on.

Awww....poor wittle mouse...HAHA!!

(And yes, I shouldn't gloat too much in my success. There's probably a whole family out there waiting to take revenge on me now. I really hope not! :( )

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Missy said...

Wow...we had such a bad mouse problem last year that we caught 2 mice in one snap trap at the SAME TIME! We caught about 10 total! I hope you don't have the same problem because it was insane! They kept eating all of our fruit that was in our fruit bowl on the table in the kitchen. We used sticky traps, snap traps and D-CON ( I think that's what it's called)...and finally got them!