Monday, November 19, 2012

Dear Hailey,

I'm sorry I lost all your pictures.

I'm sorry I wasn't smart enough to back up each picture that I took as soon as I took it.

I thought about it every time I looked through pictures. I knew this had happened to people before. I knew I needed to back up all my pictures, but I just kept telling myself that I will do it later. When I have more time, I will do it later.

And now they are lost forever. NICU. Videos of hiccups. Carseat tests. Tiny little baby with air tubes in her nose. Growing up. Getting slowly bigger. Pictures that daddy wouldn't even have. Pictures that only mommy would take while we spent time together.

Videos. Happy Hailey. Hair-do's. Getting cuter. Silly things like crawling into your carseat and ontop of the box of wipes.

It's all gone, and I am so sorry.

Now just leave mommy alone for a little bit while she goes and cries.

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