Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi Friends.

These last couple weeks have been so crazy. Never before since I've been married, probably, have I had this many things going on every single night of the week. And I'm not even in school!

I'm trying not to feel stressed. I'm trying to be grateful I have my calling and to see the blessings it has already brought into my life. I am trying to be grateful that I am a mom and that I shouldn't complain that when I have so many errands to run and things to do at home, the baby is just another thing to pack up or keep away from my stuff.

My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. And Hailey is sleeping and I know that this is the only chance for me to even think about getting anything done.

Not to mention I keep avoiding/putting off something that I know I probably ought to be, and even can be, working on? I told him I'd do a little bit for now but since I am so busy, I just have to put it off til January. I really feel bad because I know it helps him out, but I'm sorry. I just can't sit down and work on this right now when I have soooo much to do. I know everybody has "soooo much to do", but please, I would really appreciate a break right now until I'm ready to really tackle it.

But you guys. I am so happy. I am incredibly happy. This year, I actually feel it. I can feel the spirit of the season and it brings back happy memories of being young and going around Barnes and Noble and Burlington Coat Factory Christmas shopping. I can't wait! to go Christmas shopping for Hailey. I know she won't really appreciate the gifts we give her yet, but I still can't wait to say that I bought her stuff for Christmas and to be like those other moms who say, "It's Thanksgiving and I already have my Christmas shopping done." Oh, I do hope so!

And even though I am stressed out as heck about Young Women in Excellence tonight, a program which I only got planned just a week ago, and which I did not have time to put anything fancy together and I really hope will be ok since we're not really doing any musical numbers or anything....I just pray that we will be able to get the point across, that Personal Progress is important and that that is how these Young Women can go to the temple and return to their Heavenly Father.

So I know I need to get off the computer. That's a bad distraction. I'll leave you with this for today, and maybe eventually I'll update you with September/October pictures.

And a little prayer would be nice. And also pray for all the people affected by Sandy, pray for my brother in Afghanistan, and pray for our country that we may stay UNITED and strong and trust in God to help us through these hard and trying times.

Happy Tuesday!

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