Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catch Up

I've only allotted myself 30 minutes to work on blog stuff. That means I have to hurry pronto because it's already taken me 15 minutes just to sort out all the pictures that I want to use.

Prepare for a photo bomb. Oh, and a word bomb.

I don't know if I will catch everything, or keep you caught up on everything, but we'll just try.

This morning, Hailey ate her cereal with a big girl spoon. No pictures, sorry. My big girl is just growing up!
Yesterday, we went to Seven Peaks with our BRAND NEW Pass of All Passes. Hailey LOVED the water. Again, no pictures. We were too busy having fun!
Back in April, I cleared a small space and planted myself a little garden.

Hailey helped, of course.

I did peas and spinach.

Look, a couple weeks later - sprouts!

As the weather has been getting warmer, we have been taking Hailey to the park. She loves the swings!

She also loves her sunglasses.

Summertime has been good so far. Isn't she adorable??

Also, there is an awesome splash pad just a few blocks away at the city center. It is designed like a stream and flows a lazy "S" through some boulders. I think it is awesome! And free!
In February or maybe January, some of Mrs. Mathews' past students decided to throw her a surprise concert because she is retiring this year. I unwittingly volunteered to be in charge of my year. Talk about stressful!!! But we made it work out and the concert really was beautiful. My group sang "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel, a musical that is special because she was in that once upon a time. She talked about it all the time.
This is Deb, Mrs. Mathews' daughter. She was really the mastermind behind the whole thing and was able to get this concert even happening. She flew out from Colorado just for this. She is truly amazing. She and I got to know each other a few years back (2007) when I did the Institute for Young Dramatic Voices with Dolora Zajick. I really like Deb and was happy to see her again!

I will always look up to Mrs Mathews as my mentor and the one who helped me discover not just my voice, but the music in everything. Thank you, Mrs Mathews, for everything you have ever done for me!

Mrs Mathews invited us alumni to come to her last choir concert the following week and sing "Come Thou Fount" with the choir. Kates and I stood together, and all the memories of us singing together so many times up on stage came rushing back. I'm not going to lie, I did cry a little. I'm grateful for best friends that I still keep in touch with from high school!
Speaking of best friends, we had a fun baby shower for Whitney, who is due in June with Baby Girl! We did a "Bee is for Baby" theme. Katie and I had lots of fun putting together the decorations and yummy food. It was so great to see everybody!

And coming up to Memorial Day, we had a great weekend. I am sad Scotty had to work yesterday, but we were able to spend time with my family in the evening eating outside and roasting marshmallows. It was relaxing and very nice to sit and talk and laugh.

I hope you had fun reading this and I hope you had a fun Memorial Day as well! Remember all those who came before you, as well as all those, past and present, who have fought for you. I am grateful!

Also, I will try harder to keep updated on the blog. We got our iPad mini's and we never turn on the laptop anymore. But today I have hidden the iPad mini and I am going to be better about not being on it so much.

Have a nice Tuesday!

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