Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's a Beautiful Morning!

It is a beautiful Saturday morning! It is sunny, warm, there are sprouts in my garden, the planes are flying overhead, Hailey's "Kushies" swim diaper came in the mail, the house is semi-decently clean, I did the dishes(!), and Hailey helped me make Banana-Strawberry Muffins that are making the house smell amazing. Yes. I am very happy this morning.

And speaking of planes flying overhead...did I ever tell you that one story about the Winder guy??

I didn't? Well, even if I did, I'm going to tell it again. As I was listening to those planes droning around the valley, I just chuckled to myself because it's such a fun story!

So one nice evening last summer, I was home with Hailey and Scott was out taking a buddy of his flying. I heard a knock at the door and a Winder guy was there trying to get me to sign up for Winder. As he was telling me about the deals and cool things about Winder, my next-door-neighbor who happened to be working in his yard right next to mine came up and started saying how awesome Winder is and that they get it and love it. The Winder guy, Nate, was like, "Oh, I thought that was your husband!" We laughed, no, no, we're just neighbors!

Anyway, Nate and I kept talking and I decided to sign up and whatever. I was filling out some forms in the house (with the front door open) when I heard a familiar droning overhead, and it was close. I knew that had to be Scotty, so I rushed outside past the Winder Guy and, pointing up into the sky, I said, "That's my husband!" And he's just standing there like, "Ohhhhh...!!"

That's all.

Ok, it may not be that funny to you, but it was funny to me!

Happy BEAUTIFUL Saturday!!

Who wants to go fishing???????

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