Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Oh man, oh man, my amigos, where have I been?? Definitely not on the computer...blogging...or anything.

Ok, so how's life been for the Benson household since Hailey's turned one. Well, for starters, I LOVE watching Hailey's personality come out! That's been really, really fun. She says more words (like moooo, pronounced like noooo, it's supposed to mean no) and she will definitely let you know when she doesn't like something. She is a firecracker. I can't leave her sight at home, yet at church it's exact opposite and more often than not we are taking her out into the foyer because she screams her head off because she can't crawl up and down the aisle. Embarrassing? Yes. Take control of your child, sheesh....

No really, though, she's been great. I just love her and I think that every time I look at her beautiful face. I love when she smiles at me, and dances with me during breakfast or lunch or dinner. I love pulling out the Harlem shake in the middle of the kitchen and watching her laugh at me while I make a fool of myself. It's so great.

We also got some more Dr Who episodes from an unnamed friend, and we are grateful. We watched 5 episodes, can't wait to see the next few with Clara!!

Scott is hating school (what's new?). He's hating UVU's aviation program (what's new?). But he is still always and forever LOVING flying. That will never change.

I had a really neat experience in the temple today while waiting for the youth to do baptisms. I just saw a YW leader from another ward and I thought, "Someday I'll be her. I'm going to live in a neighborhood where I will be the mom with her kids in YM/YW and we'll be established in a house (I hope!), and we'll be doing grown-up, adult things." Not that we don't already, but it changes as your family gets bigger and your kids get older.

Ok, the secret is out. I have been working out and eating better (well, yeah sort of better!) and drum roll....I've lost 7lbs and 8.5" so far!! I really wanted to keep it a secret and thought that if I shared too early, that everyone would know and it would be bad and jinxy and stuff. But it's actually good to have that community of support, so there. I said it.

No pictures for today, mainly because I really don't want to have to go through the effort of finding what pictures I want to put up. Too many to choose from.

Easter with Hailey was fun. I loved making a basket for her. General Conference was amazing as ever! I made golden rod eggs on toast (a family tradition!) and I loved staying at home with my family. I went to this really cool meeting for DoTerra Essential Oils and learned so many neat things and got some great samples and have been loving it. Now I just have to decide which one I want to buy! Again, too many to choose from!

I don't really have any recipes to share with you or take you through a step-by-step on my do-it-yourself throw pillow covers, mainly because I don't have a do-it-yourself throw pillow cover. I guess I'll just leave you with this update and hope you didn't get too bored waiting for me to post ;-)

Ta-ta for now!

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