Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, We Got a TV

Here's the story: We got a used TV from Scott's brother right after we got married. I didn't care that it was old and huge. It was still in excellent condition and actually didn't look too bad, but Scott had to come home from work every day, "Can we please get a new TV??" He works in the WalMart electronics section. He stares at brand new TV's all day.

Well, apparently he had had many conversations with his co-workers that all revolved around the same idea: Sabotage the TV to beyond repair and blame it on its age. I was not about to fall for that trick. And then one day Scott decided to hook the XBox back up after taking it up to his parents' house and the color was wrong. Something had happened to the TV, because everything was completely washed out. I knew Scott didn't do anything to it, but he sure took this as a good sign that we really did need a better TV. I didn't see what the big deal was. I knew we didn't have the money for a new TV, and we were still able to watch shows on the old one just fine.

But then the fateful day came. Unknowingly, I went to WalMart like I always do to pick my husband up for lunch. The first thing he did was pulled me over to the TV wall. Not again...., I thought. He showed me the latest TV's he had been looking at, except this time he had graduated from a 32" to a 42". Of course. I was about to lead him away when he used his one last trick up his sleeve:
"Limited Time Offer: Buy this TV and receive a Free $100 WalMart Giftcard."
How could he do this to me?? That was a $100 of groceries! Or a nice TV stand! He said he had never seen an offer like this before, and me being the bargain shopper I am, actually agreed with him!

I told him I would have to think about it, but it probably wasn't going to happen tonight if it did. He clocked back in and went on his way to work and I went home and did my things.

....and then I went back to WalMart to pick him up at 10:00pm and bought a new TV.

...and assembled it that night and was up til 1am. But it sure was fun!! And Scott is now a very happy man and I am actually quite pleased myself. So there ya go. Moral of the story? Don't let your husband work at WalMart in the Electronics department. Or maybe do. I don't know :)

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Kates said...

Well, at least Scott finally got his TV! :) we're in the same situation, Jason wants a new one bad but I don't think we can afford one now...don't mention that deal to him! haha