Monday, August 30, 2010


Yes, school started today and I am already way stressed out. Probably because this English class just might be harder than I thought, but maybe it won't. I am just a little worried because now I really have to make sure I have enough time every day to make sure I get on the computer and Do. My. Homework. English has always been my toughest subject. Oh, not to mention I get to buy books. I know, I should be grateful that I only have to buy books for one class. But still, that doesn't take away my anxiety for spending the money and hoping I get them in time to do my reading assignments. From what I could read in the syllabus and first week's assignments, I can tell he is going to be a pretty tough teacher, but also probably a very good one. I know if I just apply myself and work hard and take it one step at a time and make sure I have a time and a place set out specifically each day for this class and its homework, I will do ok. I also know that I was supposed to return back to school this semester for a reason, and despite all the trials I have faced so far, everything seemed to have still worked out. I know everything will work out like it will supposed to in the end. This is also what you call stretching the rubberband. This semester, I believe I will be stretched to maximum stretch-ability. This will be my very first experience with an online college course. This will also be my very first experience with being married and working full-time. I now have a family (even if it is just a husband) to be responsible for, and I have to go to work Tues-Fri from 8am-5pm. It will definitely be different from what I was used to up at school. But that is what life is all about - adapting and making the best out of what you have. The Lord has put me in this spot for a reason, and now I know I have to just take it from here and make it my best. I've looked back at my past 2 years up at Utah State and I knew that those were some of the best years of my life, but I sure wasn't thinking that while I was up there. Staying busy, continually learning, and always applying myself and turning to who I knew I needed to for help were what made those hard semesters worth it in the end.

Speaking of turning to who I know I need to the most, Scott and I went to the Salt Lake Temple this morning to do a session. It was the most beautiful temple I have been inside yet. The old and ornate beauty of those pioneer times really showed to me how dedicated they were to making sure this temple was really the House of the Lord. It made me think of something my sister-in-law said last night, about making sacrifices to go to the temple. We have so many temples around here that sometimes I believe we just take it for granted and go when we can possibly fit it into our busy schedule and then hope the session gets over soon because you need to get back to what seemed more important to get done. But Liz said that when you think of those who don't have temples nearby and who sacrifice so much time and work and money to make just one temple trip a year, it really makes you realize how blessed we are to have these temples so close to us. The pioneers sacrificed so much, like china, or almost their lives getting granite, all for building up the House of the Lord. Seeing their handiwork today in the Salt Lake Temple really helped my testimony grow. I am grateful for the temples we have close by.

I am also grateful for my upbringing, for always being taught to stay strong in the church and to never falter in reading my scriptures and praying. I am grateful for a wonderful husband that deals so patiently with all of my mood swings. I am grateful for his strong faith and firm standing, so that I am weary, I can always lean on him. I am grateful for this gospel, because without its help and strength, I would not have made it through school thus far because school (especially English) is haaarrd! I also love camping and being in the outdoors and spending time with my family and taking walks and reading, reading, reading. I love my friends and I hope that I can continue to be a better friend to all those around me. I know I can make it through English 2010 this semester. I just have to take it one, happy step at a time. :)

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