Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Life

English is not one of my strengths. I have never been very good at writing papers and my flow of words has always been...stunted. However, with my upcoming online English 2010 class, I need to prepare myself by writing a lot more. I need to get used to saying stuff again. Hopefully, if I can keep myself from being lazy, I will be posting a lot more often now. I feel almost guilty for writing more on my blog than in my actual journal, but I also know everyone still wants to know what's going on in my life. So! Hope you have fun reading my blogs from here on out. I'm going to try to make them long, and lengthy, and hopefully they will mostly make sense. Oh, and doesn't this bring back memories of being in Mr. Rich's class and having to write a blog every....week...?? Hehe. This'll be fun!!

First of all, my husband is missing. He took the car to work this morning and said he'd be back for lunch. It's well past his lunchtime now, and I'm not really...worried...I was just looking forward to seeing him and it looks like now I won't be able to see him until after he gets off work. That also means I won't be able to take the car for the second half of his shift to run some errands, but who wants to see me anyways right now? I stink, I haven't dressed, I haven't showered, my hair's a mess, and I've been lying on the couch all day reading Harry Potter 5.

I suppose some of you had heard the good news. I got a new job! It's at Central Utah Clinic, the big building with the cabin-looking arch right across from the hospital. I will be working in the Orthopedics department answering phones and scheduling appointments. Candice works there, and she says she LOVES it, as well as everyone else I talked to that works there. I will only be working part-time, but it all still evens out to be better than my old job because A) I get weekends, B) I get holidays, C) I get paid more, and D) I'm off by 5pm every day. I feel almost like I don't deserve a job like this. And I almost feel bad for leaving Ridley's behind. They were my friends, not to mention I just adored the customers. It was actually starting to get to a point where customers would come to my line and say things like, "I just love your smile!" or "We always come through your line!" Can you believe this job that I hated and ranted and raved about is one that I am actually sad leaving? You know, the Lord works in mysterious ways. We all say that, I know. But I've been really trying to decide if the Lord is trying to teach me a lesson for being so selfish in wanting a better job when some people have none, or if He really is blessing me. I know it's probably the latter, but when something good like this happens, it's hard to believe that it's really true. Anyways, I am very, very grateful for this new job opportunity in a different field. It's a chance to learn new things and do new things with my life. I am determined to make the best out of it!

I have also decided that I need to get back to my schooling. I made a goal to get a college degree, and even if it's just an Associate's Degree in General Education courses, it is still a college degree and something that can be built upon later. I only have about 4 or so classes left, so I could easily, hopefully, be done by next April. My original plan was to transfer my credits to UVU, but I realized that it would take too much time and effort, not to mention the risks that there could be some credits lost that UVU won't accept. I can't tell you how VERY grateful I am for the internet and online schooling. I have spoken to many people who have gotten degrees online, and they all found it very useful and non-interfering with their work at all. Taking classes online now enables me to not only worry about either transfer or move, but I can do them in my own time and still work my normal schedule. Getting this new job has really helped with that. I am excited more than anything. I know I am doing the right thing by going back to school, even if it is just online classes. I am excited to take notes again, and to study, and to, unbelievably, stress. When you are busy and productive, you are happy. I can't wait to move on with my life. Getting married was one great step, and now I am moving on into another great part of my life. Now I can't wait for Scott to start school!

Well, that has basically been the news in my life. Scott is finding WalMart to really be OK. We are very happy. We love our home in Springville. We love our Ward and the new friends we are making. I really am going to miss my old friends at Ridley's/Albertson's. And I still want my friends to come down and see our house so that they can see what an awful decorator I am and give me tips on what I can do to make my home cuter.

That's all for now, I guess. I'll write more later when there is more to write about. It was good to be able to write today and see how much I really need to brush up on my skills -- especially for English 2010! Ah! I am so scared!!


Kates said...

so you know how you keep saying how you want everyone to see your house?

Maybe you should invite people over.

Just saying...

9c said...

I know, I know..............


So when does everyone want to come over? :)