Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning Life's Many Lessons

I have just had several major life lessons this week happen to me. The first one was not giving a full two-weeks' notice to Ridley's like I should have. I didn't know that I could have still worked this week during orientation/training at my new job, even if it was just a few days or some weird-odd shifts. At least it would have been two weeks and would have given the full courtesy not just my boss, but my co-workers and my favorite customers, deserved. I didn't even get to say good-bye to some of them. I regret now that I did not look more fully into the situation, and that I did not assess and think everything through like I should have. I know I was just eager to leave Ridley's. When it came down to, oh! suddenly say good-bye to Ridley's, it seemed weird and didn't feel right. I don't think I gave that job a proper good-bye, and now I can't ever go back. I would look like a desperate idiot if I were to come crawling back to them after leaving them with a one week's notice (and not to mention a new job), simply because I felt bad for leaving them in a rut like that. And maybe it just feels different because I am leaving them for a new (and really, much better) job. It's not just school this time, where I know I'll be coming back for the summertime like I do every year. This is real. This is really a major step and change I am taking in my life. This job opens up so many opportunities for my personal progression, financial situation, and education that I never would have had with Ridley's, at least, not as easily. And just a random note: My loyalty lies with Albertson's and it always will be.

Second thing I learned! Working in an office setting has really helped me realize some things about myself. If I had not come over to this job, I would not have discovered that I am a loud swallower! There is so much background noise at the grocery store or restaurant, or even at home, that I never even thought about something like this before. But when it's really quiet at my desk and I'm trying not to make too much noise for those on the phone, my swallowing can be really loud! I just hope the girl sitting next to me can't hear it! How embarrassing!

Thirdly.....I must say good-bye to my phone. It has been a very loyal, very loving Blackberry Pearl, and it has lasted me over two whole years. In phone years, that is a very long time. My Blackberry and I have had a very loving relationship with each other. It has never given me grief or pain, except for those random times when it would decide to delete all my unsaved texts and call log. But with that I would just have to take out the battery and put it back in, and it would be just fine. I loved the set-up on my phone. I especially loved my little trackball. I loved the small and smooth size where my phone would easily and conveniently fit inside my pocket. And my phone, in turn, loved me. It gave me great looking pictures (for what they were 2 years ago....), and it gave me great storage space for all my texts and pictures. It also gave me fun ringtones to choose from with an excellent vibrate-ring option and quality volume that ensured me I would never miss a call or alarm. My Blackberry was very hands-on, and I loved it. And for now....I will be using a Samsung Gravity. Not my choice, but it just happened to be the phone that became available for me to use (and was FREE - remember how I'm all about free?). After having to deal with a flailing battery and a keypad that only half-works, it was time to move on to other resources. I suppose I will get used to this phone until December comes and I will actually be able to get the phone I want. careful about your health insurance. If you are just getting health insurance (I am only saying this because I am a newly-wed), please, please make sure you have given your insurance company A-L-L the information they need from you before you schedule any appointments. That includes things such as past medical history/previous health insurance coverage. They will charge you more if they think you have any pre-existing conditions. Basically, unless you tell your insurance company otherwise, and have proof of it, they will assume you do have pre-existing conditions, and will not cover you for what you think you are getting covered for. So did this happen to me, you're asking? Yes, yes it did. Do not get trapped in this. We are out more money than we could have been, and now I know better. This is me, as a friend, saying this to you. That is all. :)

And yes, I am love, LOVE, LOVING my new job, and am feeling very grateful for it. Once again, my new job is a Phone Operator at Central Utah Clinic in the Sports Medicine/Orthopedics department. We basically take all incoming phone calls, whether it be scheduling appointments or taking messages for the doctors. It is quite a lot of fun, and I have had such a great time in training so far. The hours aren't bad either, I must say. It has given me more time to work out and clean the house and do some pre-homework for a class I am trying to register for. I am really enjoying it.

And as always, I am doing my best to continue to live a good and healthy life. Don't falter in whatever keeps you afloat. Hold onto that rod, and keep on pushing through. I know with school coming up for most of us, schedules will become a little tighter and stress levels will become a little higher. But as long as we stick to what we already know is best, than I believe we can conquer anything. :)

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