Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Week...

Monday -
Monday started out this week for me, and it seemed like it would be a good one because of how good last week was. I was still pretty pumped up about being able to keep to my running schedule, so that gave me the motivation to go running this day. And work was good, and fast, and busy, as always. I love my job!!

Tuesday -
We had an Alfac agent come over to our house and talk to us about...supplemental insurance! I actually really like the idea, and geez, you never know when something horrible is going to happen to you (that's why you have insurance!), but for right now, I just don't think it's something that the husband and I need right now. Oh, I don't know! I always like being prepared but this is so hard! It's just more and more money to spend somewhere to make you stay safe in the future!

Wednesday -
Wednesday...what a day. Number one, can you say FREEZING?? Well, Tuesday was freezing too, but this day I had to go out to the gym and as soon as I got home from work there was nothing that could get me to go outside again. Hence...this and a bunch of other excuses and I didn't go running. I know...

Thursday -
So then you would think that since Thursday is my other running day that I would be over my excuses and run harder to make up for my laziness yesterday? No!

We went out to Chuck-A-Rama for our weekly date, and then, blessed of all blessed stores, we went to Sportsman's Wearhouse!!!! This store is located right on University Ave, close to the Quilted Bear and in the same parking lot as Chuck, and so much closer than Gunnies and Cabelas! I could live in that store, literally. Our first exposure to this store (last Saturday) did more than it had to to convince me that this summer is going to be filled to the brim with hiking, backpacking, and camping. So much camping! I have already planned out everything I am going to buy, and I am so excited to get started! I also have been meaning to put together a legit 72-hour kit for myself and Scotty, so this store will soon become my new best friend when I start working on these projects more. Yay!! Oh, and I forgot to mention. Scott loves this store for another reason, and that is called guns. But, I don't blame him. I would love to own another gun!!

And then we came home, I was too full to go running, so I laid down, Scott tried to make me go to the gym (like he has been so good in doing), and he even said he would go with me! What a wonderful husband - he never goes to the gym with me! And what did I do? I told him no, I was too "tired," and he ended up going without me. Wow, what a guilt trip!!

Friday -
So Friday, then, had to be the best day in the world. Because I felt just down-right awful for not making it to the gym Thursday night like I said I would, and making Scott go by himself...I decided I wasn't going to let that get me down, and I made extra-sure to make this day be a happy day and not a pouty day! Right after work, I went to the gym and ran even longer than I normally did (yay!), and when I came home, oh, I just have the most wonderful husband in the world! He made dinner while I took a shower and got to paint my toenails. It was wonderful! And he even did the dishes, which gave me time to fold all the laundry. What a good team we make, and I am so grateful for such a loving husband who still serves even after I treat him like a bum.

Saturday -
And today is a special day! Why? Because I have the day off! And piano lessons have been rescheduled...again. But that's ok, we kind of chose a bad time to have piano lessons. Maybe we should change it permanently, but I don't know what other time works better than Saturday mornings. Today is the day I get to relax, eat breakfast, read my scriptures (well, haha, I do those last two things every day), balance the checkbook, go SHOPPING! I love grocery shopping. Think I am crazy all you want. I....loooove...going grocery shopping.

And guess what we might get to do tonight.....Sportsman's Wearhouse!! Woo-hoo!!!

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