Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baker Man

Oh Wait! That's not my husband. Hehehe....

So ever since we changed church times to 9:00am, my husband man has started baking in the afternoons...a lot. He is starting to become such an accomplished baker - I'm so proud of him!!

Our current project has been the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I don't know what it is about the chocolate chip cookie, but somehow you just can't escape the classicness of what it is...the chocolate chip cookie! Whether it's the smell of childhood and standing in the kitchen with your mother as she bakes, or the bite of salty cookie mixed with sweet chunks of chocolate...

For some reason, strange people have been under the impression that chocolate chip cookies are easy. That, my friends, is a very common misconception. Not after literally a month of failed baking every week did we finally give up and have to go to the expert (a.k.a. Mom - Scott's mom, to be exact). The secrets we will never tell, but I will tell you that there is an art to perfecting this simple cookie.

Oh, and Megamind is hot. I hope my husband doesn't read our blog! Hehe

Here's the pictures of our finally almost perfected cookies. This is with the good recipe that we had to beg for. We still have some finishing touches to work on (mostly with things that we have no control over right now), so those will have to come later. Next on our list...chocolate crack-ups! :D

(He must have thought I was weird or something taking so many pictures of him baking :] )

Smile! You're on candid camera! I love my Baker Man!

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missy said...

mega mind is hot hahahaha, oh man nancy, you make me laugh :)
ps- loooooovvveeeddd mega mind, seriously! one of my new favorites, I personally thought it was better than despicable me :)