Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Anniversary!

I said I would post on our anniversary, so here I am! It was a lot of hard work, because uploading pictures is annoying, but I did it!

Our anniversary weekend turned out to be a LOT of fun (even though Scott told me he was almost going to surprise me with a trip to DISNEYLAND! -but didn't). We both had requested the Friday off with the intention of spending the weekend down in St. George and visiting the temple down there to mark off another temple on our list. However, our luck would have it that St. George was closed that weekend. After that we almost decided to go all the way to Las Vegas but decided against it because of cost. We ended up going up to Ogden on Friday (that completed all temples north of Provo! That is, until Brigham City is completed) and ate at Texas Roadhouse (our very, very favorite restaurant!).

Saturday was a busy day. We found out one week before that Scott's cousin Brady was going to be coming down from Boise to do his endowment in Mt. Timpanogos on Saturday. Good thing we didn't book two nights for our little get-away trip! Saturday morning, then, was a session at Mt. Timpanogos, we ate at Chuck-A-Rama with the whole family, and drove down to Manti and did a session down there. What a weekend full of temples! But, you can't really complain, right?

P.S. The Manti temple was beautiful and I think by far my very favorite temple. After sitting through two movie sessions, it gets harder and harder to stay awake. I was so grateful for a live session. It really puts a different take on everything. Oh, and I loved moving from room to room and seeing the beautiful murals on the walls. I really wouldn't mind going back to Manti at all.

And the best part...we got to see the spiral staircases!!! There are two staircases over on the west end of the temple, and you have to ask a worker to see them if you ever get a chance. There are 6 spirals, each stair supports the one above it, and it rises more than 70ft high! There are actually 2 sealing rooms in each tower - one is half way, the other is all the way up. They hardly do any sealings up there, as you can imagine those sweet old workers trying to make their way up to the top every day, but they are still fully functioning. I would love to be able to attend a sealing in one of those rooms, maybe!

After the temple, we were craving pizza (ok, I was craving pizza), so we ate at Lotsa Mottsa and I will put it out now that they are yummy and there is a Lotsa Mottsa in Payson so if you are ever in the area, go there!

And after pizza...we ate our one year anniversay cake!! It was...good. Actually, the cake itself would have been just fine if it weren't for the fact that whoever wrapped up the cake hadn't put the flowers in with it! For ONE year our cake sat in the freezer next to these flowers. You can imagine the smell when we opened it, not to mention the way it affected the taste! It turned out good, though. It was fun to at least be able to say we ate the top of our wedding cake!

And Sunday we slept in and watched some TV and then drove home (and saw bald eagles!). It wasn't a super big get-away, but it was still nice to be able to get out of the house and spend some time alone together. I love my husband so much more and I love being with him and he is my best friend. The End! :D

Ogden Temple!

Texas Roadhouse and our very favorite drink...Strawberry Peach Lemonade slushie is amazing!!

The rolls are so good! I shouldn't be doing this on fast sunday..oh man!

Beautiful Manti, UT temple!


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B said...

Oh, I love the Manti Temple too! Live sessions are so great. Also, in December my good friend got married in the Manti Temple, and it was in the top sealing room up one of the spiral staircases. It was the neatest thing!

and happy anniversary, you two! Love you! :)