Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Friends

I am sorry that I do not post regularly. I am sorry that I am not an awesome blogger like the people I stalk. Sometimes it makes me feel like a bad person that I don't let you in on every detail of our life. I know I should probably be better about sharing our fun adventures and happy pictures, but the fact is, I am just lazy. I also happen to write every night in my journal (yes - I still write in a journal. A real, paper and pen, spiral notebook, lined paper journal) so the thought of duplicating all my thoughts onto Blogger for you seems a little too much for me and I usually choose to cop out of that option since I am, again, pretty lazy right now.

I wonder where people get the time and energy to blog as much as they do. I mean, kuddos to them, really. I admire that. It also gives me something to keep me entertained with while I am at work. I love it. But then it makes me remember that I haven't written in my blog for two or three weeks, and then I feel guilty.

I also apologize that I don't post pictures like I always say I'm going to. I promise. I'll post them eventually. ;-)

Also, do you think I should change my blog layout/background? I really am considering it because right now it's kind of hard to read and is a little too busy. What think ye?

Also also, I am enjoying my book "The Horse and His Boy," part of the Chronicles of Narnia series. It has taken me, oh...3 years probably to get to book number three. That is sad. But I really am enjoying this book. Once I got into it, that is.

I also just got registered for school at UVU. This is a cause for rejoicing! I really had meant to make a big and glorious post about this, but I guess that's why I also fail at Blogging consistently because I am always wanting to do something bigger than what I have patience for. So here it is. I am going to school at UVU, and they're not just online classes. This is actually really exciting!! Oh how I have missed real classes with real people and real note-taking and real professors and just that whole atmosphere of actually going to school. I really like school. I just wish money were free and I could go to school all the time and not worry about bills. By the way, remind me I said that in a month or two when I am hating school and homework.

Things I am also excited for:
- Camping for Labor Day weekend with the fam and sleeping in the trailor. Good memories.
- Fall. This includes pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns/pumpkin seeds, corn mazes, and Halloween. After Halloween comes Thanksgiving. This year has gone by so fast already.
- Scotty starting school.
- The State Fair.
- Possibly a new car???

Time to get back to work. See ya later.

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