Friday, August 12, 2011

Scary Much?

So on the long flight back from Chicago to Salt Lake City, we must have hit a bumpy spot because the pilot turned the "Buckle Your Seatbelt" on about an hour into the flight. I didn't think too much of it, I just closed my eyes and prayed that the turbulence would be over soon. Then the flight attendant came on over the intercom and told us that they would also be sitting down and buckling in, and everyone else who may be out of their seat should do the same, and that we were going through some storms and it may be a little bumpy for a while.

Oh Great.

So I figured I would just try to sleep to make it go by faster.
After a little while, my husband woke me up and pointed out the window: "That's what we just came through."

Ahh! Scary much?? Very much yes! I am so glad we survived!!

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Kates said...

ugh...I would have been petrified. Planes and lightning? Terrifying