Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby Bump! (Finally - Some Pictures!)

This is at 10 weeks and just a few days before my first appointment!

Although the ultrasound measured kind of small, basic baby size at 10 weeks is about that of a kumquat.

Here I am now, six weeks later and looking happy as ever! This is 16 weeks and baby is roughly the size of a large avocado.

P.S. PLEASE forgive my amateur editing skills. I really need to take a few lessons from somebody who knows what they're doing with putting pictures side-by-side.

But I am 16 weeks and almost half way there!! Just four more weeks - crazy!

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staceyk said...

I just happend to be fixing my blogging and it showed you just posted this. Look at you! Your a cute mommy 2 be!