Saturday, October 22, 2011

Classes and Flying

I just started my block class on Wednesday at UVU. It is just Health 1100, but goodness sakes, for being a 7 week class, they feel like they still have to give us the workload of a normal, full semester class. If they have to do that, why can't they just schedule the class for the whole semester? Beats me entirely. Oh well. Now instead of writing just one paper a week, I have about two, maybe even three papers a week that I get to write. Thank goodness it is just health and very easy for me. She is not requiring anything spectacular, just what do you think about this or tell me about yourself sort of things. It's just that she has one due about every class period. And I have class twice a week. I have decided I am going to get as much a head start as I can in this class so I don't have to deal with this and my philosophy papers. Only thing that's holding me back is her lack of getting anything up on Blackboard yet. Apparently I can't do half of my homework without guided notes or something or other only available on Blackboard. Here's to being busy every night of the week now until December!

One thing that is exciting about that, though, is that it will make time go by fast! And that means baby will grow! And then once the semester is over, I will graduate (with an Associates) and it will be Christmas season. After that, there will only be 2 1/2 more months until baby comes! This is going to go by fast!

Scotty went on his introductory flight on Wednesday as well!! He got to officially log his first hour (well... 0.8 hrs) flying! He got 50 min up in the plane with an instructor that pretty much let him fly the whole time! This was Scotty's first time flying a plane, and he did really good! He even got to do a really nice banking turn. His instructor apparently was very impressed. He also got to bring it in to land, but didn't do the actual landing. Oh, he also got to experience some pretty scary maneuvers, including stalls!! His instructor did these, but Scotty told me about the G-forces and yikes! That would be so scary! But Scotty loves it so much and he just can't wait until he can start his official flight training next semester!

Now I am going to get back to cleaning up the house and getting ready for the day. And doing dishes. And laundry. Oh, that never-ending cycle of dishes and laundry!

Hope you guys are having a good Saturday. And Go Cougs!!

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Ayisha said...

I didn't know Scott was going to do flight training stuff. That's awesome! Super exciting! LOL And the whole point of blocks is to fit the entire semester into a short period of time :D haha just like summer semesters! More for ADD people like me that would rather do a ton of work in a short period of time instead of spreading it out for an entire semester when I know I'll stop caring halfway through!!