Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yes, she is home, and we are very excited about it.

We are also very scared. Well, I am.
I'm not so concerned about her breathing just so much as the whole idea of taking care of a tiny, helpless newborn and having absolutely no clue what to do.

When should I feed her? Should I set a schedule or let her tell me when she's ready?
Is she getting enough to eat?
How do I manage all this extra frozen breastmilk?
Should I have extras on hand just in case she doesn't do well on the breast?
Are we changing her diaper too often?
Is she too hot in those blankets? Is she warm enough?

So many questions. I know. We've only had her home for 6 hours, but still!
These things will come with time. We are not perfect. Every parent started out like this.
I can do it.

Just breathe.

Also, I don't have pictures on the computer yet. They are all on my phone currently and I have not transferred them yet.

But there you have it.

Welcome Home, Hailey!

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Kates said...

Congrats :)

btw, I know the hospitals accept frozen breastmilk donations for the babies there, if you find you're making more than what you need. They're actually pretty desperate for it right now, they don't have as much as they need. Alice told me that since they're so desperate, they've been compensating donators. If you're interested, I can get you details.