Saturday, March 17, 2012


Here's one thing that I'll share with you guys that has been on my mind...

I think bringing Hailey home at two weeks from the NICU really has its disadvantages. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to stay on the positive side, but there are just some things that can't be ignored.

Number one: The NICU had her on their schedule. Now we have to get her used to ours vs being able to start her off from the beginning with ours.

Number two: I wasn't able to be up there 24/7 to nurse her, so she got very used to taking a bottle. She latches on OK, and I know that takes time, but is it so bad of me to seriously consider exclusively pumping and bottlefeeding her instead?

Speaking of that, Number three: Because I have had to exclusively pump for 2 weeks, my boobs overproduce WAY more than Hailey will ever eat in one sitting right now. That is hard when figuring out how much she needs to eat, because I have no clue how much she gets out of me, not to mention she doesn't nurse for very long anyway, and then I have to pump everything else out, and then I have to guess on what to bottlefeed her the rest. It's easier to just pump it all out and bottlefeed from the get-go. When you get to nurse your newborn from the very beginning, they usually get what they need and your body only produces what the baby needs.

Number four: Was she fussy during the night at the NICU or is it from being here now and lots of stimulation and such? She was an angel whenever we saw her. But then again, we weren't there during the night.

So many things that I wonder about that I just thought I'd share with you.
We love our daughter.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Sarah said...

I wish I had answers for you! But I'm sure it'll all come with time.. : ) good luck!

Unknown said...

hey! its cortney :) try not to pump at all.. everything you pump out makes your body think thats what you need so you will continue to produce that much... i always had enough milk to feed 10 babies.. i was stupid with brooklyn and would pump and do bottle because it was too much to nurse- she didnt latch on.. but it got old really fast to pump and bottle feed and i gave up before she was 4 months.. i promised myself i wouldnt pump this time and let my body and baby regulate itself.. it took a few weeks and was pretty painful but its going great now!! just pump to relieve a little and take edge of pain away.. dont give up. it gets better.. as for a fussy baby.. i have no idea.. avrey is really fussy and im having a hard time.. hope this helps.. let me know if you have any questions