Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Dear Hailey,

When we first brought you home, you were two weeks old and tiny! We have already had lots of fun and learning experiences as parents with you. I have learned to cherish 4 hrs of sleep at night. If that, even. I looove and look forward to my shower every morning now to wake me up from a long and tiring night. You eat really well, which makes us happy. You also have a very good sense of day and night, which makes us very happy. Sometimes you stay up for almost 4 hours during the day! You are just content to lay on your blanket and stare off into space.
You hardly ever cry, and when you do, you scream first just to let us know you are there. I think I've only ever heard you cry-cry like...three times. I am very grateful.
We finally found some clothes that fit you! Shout out to the Carter's brand - I really love those onesies. One month old and still wearing newborn size!
We can really tell you are growing, though, and we love it. Your neck is getting so strong. You can even turn your head to the other side during tummy time! You can also roll onto your side from your back, but that's not hard, especially when you are getting your diaper changed.
It's nice to finally hit the one month mark (/two weeks for us) where things are starting to fall into a schedule. It takes a lot of stress off of me. I like being able to get into a routine. Granted, you may throw us a few curve balls every now and then, but what baby doesn't!
One last thing...I still can't believe it was already a month ago when the Dr was telling me to head on over to the hospital to induce me. I was in so much shock. I can remember every detail of that week, from the dr's appt right up to being discharged from the hospital....without our baby. Two weeks of visiting you in the NICU, two weeks of getting to know very nice nurses and making friends, two weeks of scrubbing in for 5 minutes every time we entered the NICU, two weeks of not having baby Hailey home with us.
And now, here you are, and we couldn't be happier (and tired-er!). We love you very much!

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