Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh Day

It's getting harder and harder to be productive. I find I don't even shower until 2pm some days. I need something to keep me going, like a rigorous schedule (pronounced shh-edule) or a project or something.

I keep getting drawn in to Facebook or Solitaire on my phone and it's really becoming a sad addiction. I make a to-do list, but somehow I'm lacking the motivation to get it done?

How can I overcome my cabin fever?

On the up side, Hailey is 5 weeks today. In the big scheme, 5 weeks really don't seem like that much, but when you're a new mom with a new baby, 5 weeks is awesome! She's starting to smile for real, I think. Not just gas. 

Scotty went back to work on Thursday. He says it actually hasn't been too bad. He was off work for ONE MONTH. That is a long time for a paternity leave! But then again, not many new fathers have a baby come early and have to take extra time off to make sure they see her in the NICU as well as help mommy at home when baby comes home. Well maybe they do, I don't know.

We saw HUNGER GAMES when it came out. That was awesome and I really want to see it again!

And my cousin Brittney got married on the 23rd. I think I already mentioned that, but just thought I'd say it again.

I really wish I could think of other things to say, but sadly, I am at a blank. That probably means I should get off the computer and go finish my to-do list. I have this killer chicken salad recipe that I am making today. Ever thought of putting sour cream and sugar in your chicken salad? Neither did I. And it is to die for.

I can't wait til Hailey is old enough to take her to the park!

Happy Spring, everybody.

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