Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have thoughts and feelings that I need to vent.

I feel like a horrible mother. I have no clue how to take care of a baby, especially a newborn, especially with their very immature immune systems. I mean, I think I was doing pretty well keeping her away from you know, the standard sick people, large and crowded places, make sure people wash their hands before they touch/hold her, wash my hands after I change the diaper, etc., etc. So imagine my surprise when she turns up with thrush.

Yup. Thrush.

I know thrush really isn't that bad. I should be grateful it's not something worse. Thrush is very common. But the thing that makes me feel so awful is that I probably wasn't doing the best I should have been when washing her bottles/nipples. I used burning hot water and soap, but maybe I didn't sterilize them like I ought to have. And because of my negligence, she got thrush.

They say thrush doesn't hurt babies, but I can tell this is bothering her. Her poor tongue is so white. She eats, and then she cries and sticks out her tongue and opens her mouth, and cries some more. I don't know what to do for her! We took her to the doctor and got her Nystatin to apply 4 times daily 1mL each cheek. Dr said it should go away around 5 days or so. Today is day 6, and her tongue hasn't changed. If anything, it almost looks worse.

I did some reading online, and some people say it took WEEKS for their baby's thrush to go away.

I bought a sterilizing kit and have been sterilizing her nipples now after every use, so hopefully that should help. And then I'm going to be calling for a refill of Nystatin.

But in the meantime...I just have to sit back and ache inside while I watch my baby suffer.


...has now graduated from her newborn size diapers and is now wearing size 1!!! This is big! She is also 6 weeks old (where has the time gone??). She is still wearing her newborn size onesies, but she is able to fit more into the bigger half of the newborn sizes. Yay! More outfits to wear! This allows us to introduce more blues and purples into her wardrobe instead of pink, pink, and more pink. :)

...solo'd! Or however you're supposed to say that. He had his first solo last week and he says it went pretty well! He did another solo on Tuesday. He is coming along nicely with his flight training. He is so excited to get his pilot's license soon! And he also can't wait for the semester to be over. He hates. his math class.

Nancy... dying for some social-ness in her life. She spent two hours at the store yesterday shopping just because it was so nice to be out and around people. She also really wants to buy a baby carrier - anyone have any good suggestions? She is hoping to mainly use this for HIKING in the summertime! Also, she can't believe it is already halfway through April (almost)! She is not looking forward to going back to work just yet!

We are a happy family. And this is a long blog post, but thanks for reading anyway. Have a great Thursday!

Hailey in her boppy as she's slid down most of the way. She can sleep in any position!

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