Monday, April 16, 2012


First of all...trying to figure out how we can manage with me not going back to work and being a full-time, stay-at-home mommy. Once we get these medical bills paid off, that might actually be an option! But, still trying to get the finances of it all figured out first.

Hailey is starting to discover her voice. No longer do we have her pleasant, lay-on-the-floor-hanging-out baby-ness. She has a voice for everything! She will lay and squawk, then squawk some more, each one sounding a little different than the first, like she's going through each of her different sound possibilities. Eventually, of course, she'll just start crying until someone comes and picks her up - namely, me.

She has a cry for EVERYTHING now!
She cries to eat.
She cries to be held.
She cries when she's cold.
She cries when she's wet.
She cries when she's gassy.
She cries when she has the hiccups.
She cries when she is overstimulated.
She cries when she spits up.
She cries when she has a poopy diaper.
She cries when she's tired and fighting sleep.
                                          And boy. Does she fight sleep.

I didn't think a 7 week old could be starting to show so much personality and different cries already! However, I am actually, in a round about sort of way, grateful that she cries more now. Grandma Benson says it helps exercise the lungs. So sometimes, I let her cry. Keep working those lungs, girl! You're gonna need them strong for singing! (...or...sports...or whatever it is you'll want to do when you get older. Not like we're going to force you into anything or anything!) 

Oh, and also, guess. what.
So I call the Dr's office for a refill on the Nystatin (thrush medication) because her white tongue was not going away (and I swear it wasn't milk!) and reading online said that a lot of mommies had to get a refill or had to try other types of medication.
The nurse says, "Let me go ask the PA." She comes back and basically replies, "He says the Nystatin should have cleared it up and so if her tongue is still white, it's not thrush, it's just milk. No refills for now."

Urg!!! I was so frustrated! Why give me the RX for thrush in the first place if it wasn't, in fact, thrush then? I sure hope he wasn't just doing it to humor me. Good thing we get generic RX's for cheap, so it's not the cost of the medicine that I'm bothered about. I'm just frustrated that he didn't even bother to say, "Here, let me take another look at her and we'll see what we can do." He just says, "Nope, must be milk."

So maybe it is! Who knows! Apparently all babies' tongues are sort of permo white from milk? My mom didn't think her tongue looked bad at all. So maybe I'm just over-reacting. I'm a new mom! Cut me some slack! But whatever. We'll see the Dr-dr in 2 weeks and see what he thinks.

Another frustrating thing, though, is that if this wasn't thrush, then I was putting my baby through the torture of this awful medicine that I'm sure she didn't like for nothing.

Better safe than sorry, I guess.

End of venting. Thank you very much.

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