Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Back!

I know my last post was only 2 days ago, but I have been so unbelievably frustrated with Blogger the last couple weeks for not lettimg me write a single post because every time I clicked "new post," the page was BLANK!

So anyway! Here I am! At work. On my break. I figured I needed to take advantage of this oportunity and write one of the posts that I really wanted to post about. And honestly, it's not even that exciting, but this is a blog! And I want to blog about my life!

So here goes!

Last week. Was. Crazy! I haven't been this busy since I was up at Utah State, it feels like! I had something almost every day! It definitely kept me and my home homework-ridden husband on our toes.

Monday 9/3: Labor Day. That is pretty much self-explanatory. We went swimming with Scott's family (minus Scott - he had to work :( ) around noon and stayed the rest of the evening for dinner. Scott took his father flying and then joined us up around 6pm or so. Home late.

Tuesday 9/4: Day off. This was my first Young Women's activity! I was super excited! We did a fun Getting-to-Know-You activity where we placed objects on a table and had to guess who it belonged to. After that, we read cards with questions about ourselves and answered them for everyone. It was really fun! I am just loving my new calling. And Scott had lots of homework.

Wednesday 9/5: I can already tell that Wednesdays are going to be my busy day! I work until 5pm and have to get down to Mapleton by 6:00pm for Musettes practice! Didn't I tell you? I joined a choir!! They are based out of Mapleton/Springville. It is a lady's choir and they do a Christmas and a Spring concert. I am so excited to be singing again! That practice goes from 6-7pm. Scott watched Hailey for me. And apparently she did not cooperate and was clingy. He was not the happiest when I got home. Stressful.

Thursday 9/6: Hailey and I took my good friend Shelby to the airport in the morning. I decided to take the long way home and drove Hailey past Temple Square. I stopped by my parents and then ran some more errands. I got home just in time for piano lessons at 3:45pm. Whew! Long day running around!

Friday 9/7: I worked and then headed straight home for....WILSON PHILIPS IN CONCERT AT THE STATE FAIR!!! Oh, what a flashback to the 90's! I loved every second of it and was so glad my mom and sis wanted to go! In preparation for the concert, I wanted to look up their songs and become more familiar with the ones I didn't know. One of the ones I found was a cover they did called "Daniel." Secretly, I kind of hoped they'd sing it, even though it didn't seem to be super popular. Well, after a long detour of wrong turns and such, we got there halfway through the concert and they were singing "Daniel"! I was so glad I got to hear it. And then of course they sang "Hold On" at the end after they got called back on stage. The greatest thing about that song was seeing the husbands singing along with their wives. Everyone knew the words. I loved it.

We also walked around and saw all the fun stuff and I really wish we could have stayed longer. We saw the butter cows! And I got to see the crochet projects. And also, Jenn got stopped by the hair people in the demonstration building and got asked out by an Israeli name Ouria. He was really funny.

Saturday 9/8: This was a hard day. It started off early and didn't end until late. We had a baby shower at 10:30am (which was SUPER fun), then had to leave that early for the Spanish Fork Airport Airshow, then back home to try to make Hailey nap, but she didn't, and she had barely eaten anything because I was running her around everywhere, and then Scott came with me to Orem and we went shopping at Macey's and, all in all, it was just a busy day and Hailey wasn't happy.

Sunday 9/9: This day was nice just to STAY HOME. I loved it. I enjoyed every minute of it.

And there you have it. I know things are going to be busy this semester with Scott having homework and flying, but I love it. I love that he is loving school (well...the flying part at least!). I guess being busy is what keeps you on your toes!

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