Friday, September 28, 2012

Blue is for BYU. Hence, the change. Why? Because it's BYU season, of course!

Ok, so I think we have figured out that it is not my Blogger account itself that is not letting me post anything. Obviously I am able to post on a different computer. Except I wasn't able to pull it up on my phone either. So what's up??

Maybe it's my computer. It is getting pretty old.

So what to say now that I have the small opportunity to blog again?

The fall leaves are beautiful.

In my short (unwilling) haitus away from Blogger (which is really funny, because sometimes I don't post for even longer breaks than this), I tried out Wordpress. It's ok, but you can't customize anything without paying. And I didn't really want to write anything and tell people about it and then have them be confused between the two blogs. So I gave up on that.

Scotty has lots of homework this semester, but he is being a good boy and working really hard on his assignments and studying. He also flew to Oregon!

Hailey's 6 month check-up went well. She got her shots and she got weighed and measured. She grew about 3 inches - 25%. Awesome. She gained......1 lb. <5 and="and" awesome.="awesome." break="break" but="but" chin="chin" double="double" going="going" growing.="growing." growing="growing" has="has" healthy="healthy" her="her" i="i" is="is" just="just" keep="keep" love="love" might="might" nonetheless="nonetheless" not="not" rolls="rolls" s="s" she="she" small.="small." so="so" sometimes="sometimes" swear="swear" to="to">
I also stopped nursing because she was so small and I was producing less. I mean, nursing is great and she needs it, but I wanted to monitor her intake more closely, so I took the jump and went to formula. And I feel really, really good about it. She has been taking it well. And she's been eating her fruits and veggies and cereal, so it's all good, in a way. Also, my pumps broke, so good timing!

I really want to get a high chair. And not a wooden one. If my baby were 18 lbs, and sitting, ok. But she's not. So, no.

Fall is fun. I want to make decorative blocks and make my house smell good.

I'll sign off for now, I guess. I don't want to swamp you with all the thoughts running through my head.
Hope you have a good Friday.

P.S. My brother is home visiting from Afghanistan! Go Marines.

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