Thursday, October 4, 2012

It Works!!!

Who knew that all my computer needed was a measly little update? Well, obviously I didn't. I honestly don't know that much about computers, haha. Thankfully, our wonderful Home Teacher does. Of all the random questions he had to ask on Sunday after his lesson, I think he was guided by the Spirit when he asked, "Do you guys have any IT problems that you need help with?" (He's a computer guy). We were kind of taken aback and said, "No....not really...." when suddenly I remembered my dilemma with Blogger and how much it has been bothering me lately, and he got on the computer and 5 minutes later...sha-zam! We're up and running again.

And then of course when do I finally take the time to sit down and write my appreciation? 4 days later. But! I am also going to do better about showing my appreciation by trying to blog more. I'm not going to be perfect, but it is going to be great!

Now, today is Throwback Thursday (go TBT!), so once Hailey is up, I am going to dig into the storage room and find that picture! You know, that one picture? Yeah! That one! And I'm gonna post it today and you're gonna love it!

Also, I am going to leave you with this hilarious image. Well, I thought it was funny. And too cute and darling to pass up:

Hailey is starting to get up on her hands and knees more. Rocking back and forth, you know the whole motion. The other day, she got up, and started to move forward....and her knees started going faster than her hands and she totally faceplanted it with her butt up in the air. Oh. It was adorable. I love my little almost-crawler!

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