Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Dating as a Youth

My first time to teach in Young Women's is coming up this week and the topic is....Group Dating!

I've been pondering a lot about this, especially this morning, and I decided I wanted to find out what YOU loved the most about group dating and maybe even share what was your most memorable group date experience.

As for myself, I loved dating in high school. I loved the relaxed environment that comes along with high school dating (no pressure to get married!). In high school, I had a lot of friends, both guys and girls. But when I was on a date, that young man's attention was on me for the night. And I loved every minute of it. Not in a selfish way, but in a it's-nice-to-be-appreciated-and-respected way. I loved when they would open the door for me or help me out of the car. They always stood by my side for the night. We usually got to know each other a little better than we would have. And they were always respectful. You don't realize how important it is to be exposed to such respect and appreciation as I mentioned until you are grown up and out of high school. Being able to see a young man act this way toward a young woman, I believe, helps us remember that we are of worth and that we don't have to be treated poorly by just anyone. It will give us a boost to carry us through the hard dating world of adult-life.

I also believe that group dating is so important for the youth in high school. Group dating protects us. Even the best boy and girl can fall if left alone too long (does anyone remember who said that??). And group dating is fun.

So please! Share with me what your favorite group dating experience was. What are some fun things you did? And why did you like group dating in high school?

Thanks everybody! Happy sharing!


Shawn & Amanda said...

Hey Nancy,
This Comment is about Ashley but I know she wouldn't mind. In High School Ashley dated alot. She had a group of friends that was a good mixture of boys and girls. They would always ask guys in the group to go to dances. There was a couple of people that exclusively dated. Ashley really like a guy named Bryson in the group they went to prom together. but she never exclusively dated Bryson. Ashley was really bummed about that. But after Bryson went on a mission they started seeing eachother and three years later she married Bryson. Ashley always tells me that not dating him in high school was hard in the moment but she says that if they had dated they would have never gotten together after his mission and dated and gotten married. So she is very glad that she didn't exclusively date in high school.

Cami said...

I also think Group Dating is built to showcase different personalities. While on a group date you can experiences different people, how they act and interact in close spaces. Positive social experiences help us all figure out what kind of person we want to be...and what kind of person we want to be with.
That said: My favorite group date things are activities like. Pumpkin patch, making jam or ice cream sundays together, floating the river, bowling, arcade game night, even a murder mystery dinner can be silly and fun. Have fun teaching- We've never met but our husbands are cousins, and I enjoy reading your blog (it feels like I know you!)