Sunday, October 14, 2012

So Yesterday...

...was just a bad day altogether.

After I posted on Facebook that Hailey's nap got interrupted 30 minutes before my goal time and so I had to feed her and try to fix her hair which resulted in her not wanting her hair fixed and started wiggling around and I was getting sooo mom ended up calling me and said she was going to come over. Scott said to accept the offer. Let her help.

Also, when Scott opened up the microwave during his lunch and said, "What the--" I just started bawling.

Add in the cramps and headache later in the day, well, I'm sure you can guess what was going on.

Two things that made my day completely worth it. No wait, three things:

1. Mom came over and helped out. Even though she thought she didn't do much (she just played with Hailey and read to her), she did so much. I couldn't have gotten caught up on the checkbook/bills if she hadn't been there to feed Hailey and help her fall asleep.

2. When I did the dishes, I didn't have very much room for the massive load of silverware. Not to mention I hate washing silverware anyway. So I left those in the sink and planned to come back to them after the birthday party Hailey and I had to go to. When I got home, I told Scott I still had dishes left and he said, "Ok, let's go do them," and dragged me up off the couch to go wash the dishes. To my great surprise, Scott and put away all the dishes and washed the remaining silverware. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made me.

3. Hailey's first tooth broke through!!!! She has a tooth!!! I can't believe it. My little baby is growing up. No more gummy little smile. I'm so excited, though. SO excited!

Boy am I glad today is Sunday and that we are just staying home this week. Break: needed.

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