Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wednesday's Whims

Actually, today is about an adventure. A funny adventure.

Sometimes Scott and I will drive to Orem separately. I was up there first and he decided to join later with Hailey. Such was the case last Saturday night after the Relief Society Broadcast.

We were up having fun and whatnot, but I decided that it was getting late and was going to take Hailey home to bed. Scott could stay as late as he wanted, but I was going to leave. I had come up in the Sentra, but I got the Magnum key from Scott and went on my way.

I had the radio on to the showtunes on 106.5 and was singing my heart out. When I got to the driveway, I thought, "Hailey's asleep. I'll just keep driving around some more and keep listening to showtunes!" Plus, one of my favorite songs had just come on, so I wanted to keep listening! So I backed out and drove some more, going around and around the neighborhood.

Finally, I pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. As was habit, I reached into my purse and checked my phone. 3 missed calls! And a text! And a voicemail that said in my husband's deep voice:

"Uhhh.....did you forget to leave me something??"

Oh dear.

I had driven all the way home with the Sentra key in my purse!! So anyway, I drove all the way back up to Orem to get him. And then I think we ended up going to McDonald's. Horrid habit.

Want to hear another funny adventure??

Once upon a time on Sunday, we drove all the way up to discover that we had forgotten to grab the salad for dinner that Scott made me so dutifully run to the store for at 11:30pm on a Saturday night! We had a couple movies that we needed to bring back up to his parents anyway, so Scott decided to drive back down to Springville to get the movies and salad.

He came back up with the movies, but guess what he forgot?

The salad.

The End.

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Kates said...

bahaha. We do that kind of stuff ALL THE TIME! For instance, this morning I had to go back to my house cuz I forgot something not once, not twice, but THREE times! * face palm * We are both terribly forgetful scatterbrains.

My plan is to train my kids to remember things. Cuz then they can remember things for me lol.