Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Family Pics

Ok, so I know I am WAAAY overdue for these pictures. I was super excited to show them to you, but then I was supposed to keep them a surprise until Mother's Day for our moms, and then I just sort of never got around to posting them except for the banner on my blog. So here you go!

These pictures are from CamerShy up in Lehi. They were great! Hailey was 2 months old...and they thought she was two weeks. That's ok! And they are a great place to do pictures because you pay one set price and you get the whole CD and if you have a coupon, you get two free print-outs of your choice. They also have cute outfits for little babies to wear, which really relieved a lot of stress off of me!

Obviously, she did not want to curl up in a cute
little ball.

Definitely daddy's little girl.

Love, love love.

If we were only allowed one picture, this would be it.
I love this pose for babies.

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