Friday, June 15, 2012

It Can Be Hard

Expressed breastmilk can only last in a top compartment, non deep-freeze freezer for 2-3 months. We've about hit that mark with all of Hailey's NICU milk, and then some.

Good-bye, milk. Now that is hard to watch something like this go down the drain, or in the garbage. But this is milk that Hailey doesn't really need anymore anyway. Newborn milk has different nutrients in it than does 3-4 month-old milk, including, but not limited to, colostrum. The only hard thing that I wish I would have thought of sooner was to donate this milk to a bank because a) I knew I wasn't going to get to it in time anyway and b) donated milk goes to NICU babies first, and those are newborn babies that need these nutrients still. But somehow, I just couldn't get myself to let go.

Well, such it is. At least we still have all this milk to last us!

Yes - can you imagine how much space that took up in the freezer together?

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